Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

No quite unlike the pinephone, like i said the pinephone does not have a focus on software freedom. They do happen to ship a lot free and open source software, it’s just not their focus. They want to build a linux phone that’s affordable, and user other projects to make it work. which is fine in itself, I’d just prefer companies like purism that actively strive to make the entire thing open from hardware to software. They are both great projects in their own right, the goals are just a bit different.


The goals are exactly the same and both phones were designed with software freedom in mind - their reason of existence!. But Purism leans towards in-house software development and PINE64 focuses on engaging and supporting the FOSS communities for it and it’s doing an absolutely amazing job at it, not only with the PinePhone but the other products. Please stop spreading misinformation! I’m off-topic and I won’t reply again on this subject again.


Although we don’t know for sure that this isn’t PEBKAC (PEBPAC?) in at least some cases.

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So, where are they currently at? Are they still working on orders from September of 2017?


They’re past those, should be around late October 2017 orders now, see:

In summary, we will be providing shipping estimates within the next week to the backers within the original crowdfunding campaign (orders through October 2017), but not all backers yet, based on our confidence in the estimates .

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I ordered mine on September 27th 2017. It is planned to ship this week, but hasn’t been shipped yet.


Yeah, I’m just going to order a new PinePhone when it’s available because I really don’t think that I’ll be getting my L5 this year.


I just got a mail (5min ago) that my Librem 5 is now shipping!!! Got tracking number and everything.

Ordered the 27th September 2017 just like @reg.

So they kept their promise that it would be shipped this week :slight_smile:


Hehe I got an email at about the same time too :slight_smile:


Hmmm, my order date is October 7, 2017 and in Feb I got a mail from Purism saying that they expect shipping in April. Until now I have not got the mail for address confirmation and modem selection. When you have got this confirmation mail?

My order date is Sept 27th. Expected shipping date 15-19 March. I received the address confirmation email on March 11th.


I recently got my Librem5 (I was one of the backers of the L5 campaign). Here’s the story:

  • Product order: 23 Sep 2017
  • Purism - shipping preparing notification: 24 Feb 2021
  • Purism - shipping ready notification: 05 Mar 2021
  • DHL - delivery notification: 10 Mar 2021 (VAT: 22% - DHL fees: 16,47€)
  • DHL - delivery: 11 Mar 2021

I live in Europe/Italy


If you check the table you’ll see quite a few orders between Sep 27 and Oct 7, so I would not worry yet.

I think I found the bottleneck :laughing:


I ordered in August of 2019… Come to papa :smiley:

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There have reportedly also been multiple sightings of Fir in the wild:


That’s what I thought as well :slight_smile: But I guess we are both looking forward to receiving a wonderful Christmas present (I ordered at the beginning of January 2019) - at least if one extrapolates the 130 units / 14 days of the last four entries and adds some for Evergreen incidents :wink:

Btw: Evergreen is a Taiwanese company, if I am not mistaken ?
And TSMC, the largest independent chip producer in the world, is also Taiwanese, and produces for Broadcom, Mediatek, Qualcomm, Apple, AMD, NVIDIA and you name it - so if they get stuck we get stuck - this really is a fitting image :rofl:


Just received it today! It’s thick but beautiful. I think I’m in love :heart_eyes:


Arrived today, so happy!!! Much snappier than the PinePhone, seems a bit less buggy than mobian too but too early to be sure.

  • Product order: 27 September 2017
  • Purism - shipping preparing notification: 11 March 2021
  • Purism - shipping ready notification: 19 March 2021
  • DHL - delivery: 25 Mar 2021

I didn’t have to pay tax, not sure why. It is 20% import fee from the US to Sweden but apparently not. The girl at the DHL pick-up-point looked a bit stressed, maybe she forgot or something.


I’m also located in Sweden. We will probably get a message from DHL in a couple of days for the taxes. That’s what happened with my LibremMini.