Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

I agree with you, but I see the posibility that this time some one (Purism) may successfully produce a viable Linux mobile platform, learning something from the trials of those who worked on dev these type of systems in the past. Primarily basing my hopes this time because even though a young company, they had produced Linux laptops as well as other devices and services. Operationally even though they were judged they kept not only showing progress and producing for the community, freely adding to the progress that all could benefit from. For this reason I invested in their work, and if I get a Librem 5 (as I believe I will) I will be blessed. If I dont receive an L5, there is still a great benefit since there has already been much of Purisms work added into the public domain.


Why didn’t you buy a phone with Android degoogled version (like old cyanogenmod)?
IMO it’d be better than iPhone and consistent with your logic to buy L5 (avoid surveillance capitalism…)
I’ll do that if my actual smartphone should die before to receive my L5.a
Just curious to know

Looks like you are someone who has received the Librem 5 :slightly_smiling_face:

If it were the money part, then I am sure disgruntled iPhone and/or Android users who opted for a privacy focused phone wouldn’t have minded putting more money during the initial crowdfunding ask. I am not sure if it is too late for Purism to ask for more from the initial backers. But there is lack of transparency, delays delays and delays that is causing frustration.

it was advertised that existing Linux applications could be used on the phone. Posh was build around it (This was something quite radical considering Apple/Google/Microsoft et al could not do any such thing). So, we do have an ecosystem of existing apps albeit not all of them would be suitable for working on phone UI. And rightly so, might not be needed on a Phone. But then if Librem 5 can be used as a computer, as advertised which it can, then what ecosystem are you referring to? We already have one at place.

All that the we need to know, when will I get my Librem 5?

No, I’m still waiting, just like you.
From experience with my Ubuntu Phone (battery life ends, screen de-laminating after 6 year of daily use) I did know that a useful environment does not come with a pure Linux phone. From this forum you can closely follow what Purism had and still has to do to integrate a mobile into the existing environment. Still a lot of work to do.

I don’t need an exact delivery time as long as I can thrust that that time will come and progress in the other areas is made. Maybe when receiving my L5 I have immediate to order the new version …

With my Ubuntu BQ E4.5 which I run as my daily driver since 2015, the problem is now that in Germany all mobile providers shutdown the 3G network and move to 4G/LTE, which is unsupported by the BQ E4.5. I hoped that I could use my BQ until getting the L5, but this hope did not came through.

I contacted Purism’s support to move one of my L5 orders to a L5 USA. The actual diff in price is USD 1400. They sent me a coupon code to do so, but until now did not answered my question about my estimated shipping time for the L5 USA:
“Thanks for the coupon code. Before changing my order, what is the expected delivery date for my L5 USA. It does not make much sense for me to change my order from October 2017, supposed to be delivered after October 2021, to a L5 USA and have to wait for this as well until October 2021. I hope you understand me…”


I suppose this can serve as an example: Librem 5 USA shipping
(Although I think the lead time is probably shorter now, since the device is now in production, whereas last summer it had not yet materialized.)


Yes, but I do not want that they take my order for a L5 USA as done in June 2021, but as done in October 2017. I.e. that they deliver it as the first in the waiting list :slight_smile:

I think it’s a fair question, I’m not sure what the most fair answer is, on one hand you’ve supported the project for a long time, on another you’re switching lines so should you be moved to the front of the new line or should you get in the back of the shorter line when you move over.

Both options have valid points on both sides making this not necessarily an easy question for purism to answer.

I would point out that regardless of the answer, if you believe Purisms estimates, you’d get the USA before the non-usa starts shipping again.

I will just interpret a no answer as you will be added to the end of the line and in this case will wait for what will happen first, either the delivery of my original L5 or shipping parity in the L5 USA line.


It took Purism’s sales 24 hours to write me, that my L5 USA would be shipped in two months. So I will wait for shipping parity or my normal L5, whatever happens first.


Cool, so I’m not the only one … experiencing problems due to lack of mobile communication coverage. Using a 2014 Jolla Phone was no issue since receiving updates until 2021 (Yes, they can! :slight_smile: ) And replacement accu batteries are available :slight_smile:

Now it becomes inconvenient since 3G UMTS is phased out completely in Germany. And Jolla Phone can not handle 4G-voice at all.
I do already experience the issue every day.

Switzerland phases out 2G - obsolescence for piles of well working devices (expensive measurement devices included).

Since I ordered my Librem5 in 2020 I now assume to get it delivered before retirement (because retirement age is postponed regularly …).

Is there any rough estimate when a Librem5 ordered in 2020 may find a way to delivery?

No I do not complaint and no waiting did not come as a surprise to me and no I do not regret and no I do not blame anyone and no I do not start making a fuss and no I do not ask for a refund -
I’d just like to get an educated guess by the guys around Kyle Rankin.

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If they manage to resume production / shipping by October, it would probably be Q4 (optimistic) or Q1 (pesimistic) I guess.

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What? Delivery of 2020 orders in Q4 of 2021 or Q1 of 2022? I can’t believe. They have not even delivered all 2017 orders. They stopped on 1st October of 2017 orders.


Hi guru,

i suppose they calculate for some parts, maybe with low price differences, use some from the USA Phone. However the price calculation averts to use important parts from another source.

Think about this: When you can build some Steps now, without CPU, but have a way to test the other components with one CPU for a fast check. You could use the time to assemble some parts, check if the other components work and storage the unfinished phone.

When the Chips arrive in six month you have less steps for testing cpu and mainboards and you can finish them faster.

So i was happy about this announcement, because i think they speed up some important Step, and purism is quite sure to take that goal.

If i am wrong and it is the usual way purism produced this phones in waves and steps for Parts and components instead before too. It may not speed up that process much.

I’m an opstimist.


If there were a constant stream of orders starting in October 2017 and continuing to the present day then you would be correct. While only Purism knows for sure what the order rate has been like month-by-month since October 2017, I think most people would suspect that it has not been a constant stream i.e. suspect that once the initial spurt of orders (from 2017) has been delivered, the order rate after 2017 will have slowed down and hence the fulfillment process will get through orders, going by order date, much more quickly.


I think that a more relevant question is whether Purism wants to and has the funds on hand to pay for mass production starting in October 2021 and whether it will be able to get all the components at that time. An electronics assembler in China can churn out the entire backlog of L5 preorders in a couple weeks if Purism decides to do large batch production. I assume by October, Purism will have FCC/CE certification and should be more confident that no changes are needed for the hardware. Oh well, I can hope. :thinking:


Possibly not related but your message was number 333 on this thread, so we’re only half way… :wink:
There is hope!

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I hate to add to the list but: there is a small chance that the delay might get even more complicated, spectacularly near Shenchen (MSN seemed appropriate for this)…

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It’s a pin hole fuel failure. It’s news today because it happens so rarely. In the 70s it happened all the time.

Seems like they had no money for it, but this looks promising. If I had extra money laying around, I would put a grand at least.

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