Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

Order: October 18, 2017
Address/modem email: October 25, 2021
Shipped: 11/16/2021
Received: 11/23/2021


Where are you guys checking order statuses ? is there a weblink ?

Sign into My Account in Purism’s Shop:


Bless you sir . Apparently I had made an order , canceled it then made a second order which still stands 2 days later . I dont remember that . weird .

It happened to me too. My credit card wouldn’t process, (Purism’s side), I had to contact support to resolve. My original order shows as canceled, even though it never actually processed.

Order: 2017-10-16
Shipped: 2021-11-26
Arrived: 2021-11-29
Region: USA


A reminder to my fellow table updaters - thank you for your continued efforts in updating the table, they’re very helpful to the community - the dates for the link labels are the ship dates, not the arrival dates. I’ve updated the table (cc @spaetz).

(Presumably this was chosen because arrival dates depend on how far one is away from Purism, and that’s not very interesting to measure?)

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I only ordered 18 months ago (5May2020), so I suppose I’ve got another three years to wait.

Hope not! :sweat_smile:
First delay was linked to fix tech problems (eg: battery too hot) so delay was caused by Purism, but now delay is linked to supply chain and chip production reductions, so delay is outside Purism. So it’d be fixed when deliveries will turn to be regulars

Lol. I would like to believe that’s true, but I don’t. The company has consistently shown, over the course of years, that they are either unable or unwilling to not only provide an estimate (of almost anything) but more, to even answer the simple question “okay, where are you with it?”

A student asking me for an extension but only provided as much information as purism has, I would fail. An employee I would fire, and maybe sue for fraud.

I really want open hardware and software. It would help if practically every organization who makes it wasn’t such a group of shitheads.

I skipped the fundraising round because I wanted to skip the uncertainty. When I bought the L5, it was an item in a store, and the only notification about delays they showed me was that each machine was custom assembled, so it would be several weeks. My L13 showed up in…3 weeks? I’m coming up on 78 for the phone, and they haven’t said a word to me. Just vague mass mailings that don’t even promise a product anymore, just “shipping estimates”.

They’re literally not even teasing the phone. They’re sending teaser emails about when they’ll be willing to show off time lines for assembling the hardware. Which I also don’t even believe, because they’ve never actually proven themselves trustworthy.

Honestly, I worry about the actual security of the laptop and hardware. They say it’s secure, but they told me I’d have my phone in a few weeks, so all I actually know is that I haven’t found any glaring security holes. Security is all about trust, and all I know about these folks is that they’re bullshit artists who are impossible to get ahold of once they have my money.


Ironically, if you had supported the campaign (and the Linux-on-mobile ideal) at the very beginning, you would likely already have your Librem 5 in hand, and at a cost of only $599…and with less cumulative disappointment.


Plus one!

I am seriously considering ditching any ties with Purism precisely on these grounds. Gosh, I trust all my personal data to their laptop and OS, and yet they are still bullshitting people with 90-day lead time for the L5 USA (which is “In Stock”) while my one has been awaiting shipment for more than 150 days now.

Next thing you know, there will be a new model of Librem 5. Maybe they’ll call it something like ‘Librem 5 USA Plus’. The new ‘Plus’ model will be advertised as less than a thirty day shipping time (sound familiar?). And those poor suckered who only have a Librem 5 USA? Well, it’s been a hundred and fifty days now already. Why not add another year or two to that number? Besides, there is no time or money to ship out all of those Librem 5 USA orders. Purism has already spent that money too. All efforts need to go in to those who order the newer ‘Plus’ model now. If they’ll do it with you, they’ll do it to you. As soon as Purism offered to put newer Librem 5 orders in front of older Librem 5 orders (the reason doesn’t matter), everyone involved should have called foul instead of paying more for the privilege of cutting in line. It’ll be interesting to see how long this scheme can continue before a government somewhere puts a stop to it.

Pine64 has announced and put out like 3 different phones, a couple tablets, and a laptop before purism put a phone out

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They have! At this point, I feel that resources like this are topical:

That’s…not an example of irony. Irony is the opposite of what you would expect to happen, happening. “Ordering earlier gets you stuff earlier” is not a reversal of expectations.

Now, the fact that purchasing the Librem 5 USA allows you to get the phone (for an inflated price) before the crowdfunding backers have all received their phones? That’s irony.

The crowdfunding backers and early customers have a choice - pay more and get the phone earlier, or wait and get the phone at no extra charge.

Do you imply that Purism is lying about the L5 USA being assembled from USA-made parts?

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I know it’s hard and disappointing to wait so long for the shipping, but it’s not helpful to complain about it. It would be more helpful to stay focused on the purpose of the thread and only to post confirmed shipping or delivery dates or other facts, which help us to estimate the shipping date of remaining shippings :slight_smile:


I am probably way to impatient, but is there data available to upgrade the graph up top?