Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

Mine too!
Order: October 18, 2017
Address/modem email: October 25, 2021
Shipped: 11/16/2021


Hi all,
today a first good news after 4 years! The ‘baby’ was shipped :star_struck: :rofl: :boom: :clap: :pray: :muscle:

Order: October 17, 2017
E-mail for address confirmation: 26th of October 2021
Shipped: 16/11/2021
Arrived: 23/11/2021
Country: Europe
Courier: DHL


Thanks for the work spaetz!
I’ll keep your refresh rate in mind. I was afraid that the lack of updates was due to circumstances beyond your control.

No problem, the last two weeks had produced so few new data points that I just had not bothered to update things…

It’s really discouraging to me that they’re still not even through 2017 orders yet.


I would be happy to see October 2017 finished since it is a big milestone in shipping. But it seems that shipping got slowed down even farther, whats kinda disappointing. I thought they had bought a larger number of CPUs at once early this year, so that problems stop at the end of the year. I don’t know if Purism did a mistake to do so or if they just could not. But I also think it is not an easy situation for all of us - neither for Purism nor baker and early customers.

I just hope, that situation gets not worth again in winter. But I also don’t want people dying in 4th Covid-wave just because they had to produce and deliver our CPUs…


Take this with a grain of salt department. …

Just on a lark, I looked up the CPU number from the Evergreen schematic on Mouser and Digi-Key. Mouser is expecting 180 in March 2022. Digi-Key expected to be able to get 1000 in 3 batches; all by end of January 2022.

I have no idea how accurate is either supplier’s forecasting, or if this is any indication of how Purism’s supply chain is going to run.


Let’s also factor in Purism’s competition, the global car industry, which is currently paying billions in wages while production lines have ground to a halt.

Keep in mind, that until the end of Oct 2017 ca 3000 Devices were ordered, and at the end of 2017, a total 3148 had been ordered. I expect the order time to move much faster once we passed Oct 27 or so.
And to reach the Oct 2018 order date, only 800 more need to be shipped. (if our data are somewhat accurate)


For statistic: I have ordered mine L5 at October 20 2017. The address confirmation e-mail arrived at October 25 2021, tracking number at November 5 2021 and I have takeover the actual parcel st DHL depot at November 11 2021.

Yes, it took long time, but I do development and consultations in mine company and for others. We use i.MX chips from i.MX1 time and I have contributed to the kernel. I still suggest to use i.MX6/8 and we have invested lot to imxRT NuttX support. And I know how demanding development is even for smaller project. I took my payment into PURISM L5 campaign as investment to the real devices support. Shadow Linux BSP branches by Google and NXP are only exhausting of people time and until their hackish code is re-implemented by companies like Pengutronix, Linutronix and PURISM now it is useless and you can be guaranteed that if you base your product on such branch, then you will get to dead end shortly. But big corporation do not think longer. PURISM has elevated bar even higher to push forward whole GNU/Linux desktop environment mainline.

So I would be satisfied with my investment into PURISM even if I do not receive phone at all because their investment and patches to project mainlines are even more valuable. For sure, I want to have my L5 fully functional but again I consider it as the first experimental prototype how to implement GNU/Linux for Mobile right.

Best wishes,

Pavel Pisa

Open Technologies Research Education and Exchange Services
activities with our students


Received :rainbow:
Ordered Oct 20, 2017; shipped Nov 12, 2021; received Nov 22, 2021

Purism picked an excellent delivery carrier, taxes got handled seamlessly without any delays - online payment link while the package was in transit

So hyped now, I’ll unpack later tonight
I wish everyone the same luck :slight_smile:


Is this for America, Europe, Australia or somewhere else?

If you’re asking about my message - I’m in Europe, France

Hi all

Just to share my shipping information:

Ordered the phone on 18th of October 2017.
Received e-mail for address confirmation on 25th of October 2021.
Phone was shipped on 16th of October 2021.

Customs are currently processing the paperwork, and I should get it delivered by the end of this week.

If it means anything to anyone, I’m in Europe, Serbia. Phone was shipped via DHL.


Just curious to know: what estimate/forecast delivery L5 for me that I bought it sept ‘20?
I know it isn’t Purism fault (worldwide supply chain troubles) but it just to have an idea! 2023? 2024?
Thank you


Another curious question, if @Zouzou got the phone that was ordered on 20th October 2017, does it mean Purism has fulfilled all the pending L5 and L5 USA orders till 19th October and have not started shipping for 20th October and beyond?

I think your guess is probably as good as anyone’s. I ordered a while before you, but I’m not expecting to receive mine for at least a year :man_shrugging:

However, if they are able to somehow keep finding parts, they seem to have the capability to move through the orders pretty quickly, so maybe we’ll both have our phones April or May of 2022 :crossed_fingers:

Using a locked down phone that I don’t control grates on me more every day, so I’m very excited to get mine :slight_smile: Keep up the good work Purism! We’ll all get through this globally frustrating time together :muscle:


Order: 2017-10-17
Sent my e-mail for address confirmation: 2021-10-31
Shipped: 2021-11-16
Arrived: 2021-11-23
Region: Europe
Courier: DHL


Your guess is as good as any other outsider’s guess. What we can see is that purism has been quite consistent in shipping in chronological order up to this point.
L5 USA are a whole different beast and are not part of the queue that we see here and are tracking here.


I want to add that it is possible that some people did not answer the address confirmation emails and that could distore shipping progress numbers and shipping order. If and much this actually happens is speculation.