Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

Sadly there is still no update on the shipping / arrival date.
I’ve asked support for an update and they replied that due to my order for the accessories ( 2 spare batteries and 1 power bank) my shipment has been slightly delayed. :roll_eyes:

@shopping4purism , Thanks for sharing the update.
Interestingly, my order also has battery and a modem and my shipment is delayed too. So, thinking it through, looks like they are short on batteries.

No, I did not receive any update.
I also ordered an additional battery, a privacy screen and OpenPGP Card.
The selected modem is the T1 and the phone should be shipped to Europe.

Order Date: 23rd Oct, 2017
Shipment confirmation email: 25th Feb, 2022
Shipment email: 24th March, 2022


Turns out I was wrong. There is no issue with the stock. Looks like they are trying their hardest to meet the deadlines. So @shopping4purism, @stak, you should also receive your email soon.


Order date: 2017-10-25
Shipping questionnaire: 2022-02-21
Shipping Tracking Number: 2022-03-22
Received: 2022-03-25 (EU)


Batteries outside the device, like an extra battery (and as far as I know that also includes powerbanks) are considered by some carriers as “dangerous goods”. Which requires extra paperwork for the carriers, that needs to be added to the order documentation. And usually in such cases (and a few others) labels need to be created manually.
Sadly there is a lot of bureaucracy in shipping internationally.


Also in the past we had clients with orders from 2017 that asked to delay their order until we had devices with FCC/CE certification completed. That certification has been completed, and (relating to the previous post) we have all the shipping documentation for FCC/CE units now.
So in the next few weeks we will be shipping these orders from 2017 of users that asked to wait for FCC/CE units.


Hi Joao,

Thank you for explaining the reason for the delay.
Although I’m very keen to receive the L5 ASAP: What needs to be done, must be done. :+1:


Librem 5 USA

Order Date: October 21, 2017
Order Status: Awaiting Shipment
E-Mail address confirmation: still waiting !!!

booo !!!


Finally I have some data to add:

Backing date: 2017-10-20
Shipping questionnaire: Never received (possible e-mail configuration issues)
Shipping e-mail: 2022-03-22
Arrival date: 2022-03-29

It took several interventions by @joao.azevedo and others within Purism to get the shipping process underway. Like @stak I ordered an additional battery. DHL initially put the shipment on hold as dangerous goods, even though Purism is authorized to ship loose batteries, but they released it the following day. (DHL told me that Purism hadn’t sent them the paperwork for the battery, but I have had so much trouble with DHL lately that I’m quite prepared to believe that the problem was with them, not Purism.) The shipment left Los Angeles, went via Cincinnati, and literally 15 minutes ago departed from Leipzig, Germany, hopefully on its final hop to my nearest DHL hub in the UK.

Hopefully this will give some hope to people who backed/ordered around the same time as me.

UPDATE 2022-03-29: I have just had a notification that the package has been delivered! :grinning: I’ll pick it up tomorrow, and hopefully I will have time at the weekend to play with it.


Order: 15th Nov 2017
Shipped: 22nd March 2022 (although shop account page says still “1st Qarter 2022”… arrived with days to spare, EU)

That’s about 1600 days (plus a few weeks of thinking before the decision). About 4 years and 4 months. (Do you remember life in those days - in the previous decade?). Almost 3 years after the initial planned delivery quarter (“Oops” seems appropriate, yet does not cover the complexities involved :wink: ). I don’t think I’ve owned many devices that I’ve been so thoroughly introduced to beforehand (and still need to learn more and wait to develop fully). Like parenthood after a long adoption process…? I hope maturity is achieved faster than with humans (do we need a tracking thread for that as well?) :thinking:


It’s a good thread, and I admit forgetting it - but it seems, so have everyone. It hasn’t been updated for a year. It may have served it’s purpose though, the next maturity steps are more in the OS as well as ecosystem. There was also a thread where missing key features were listed, but I couldn’t f ind it anymore (maybe could have made a baseline of maturity levels from those). But let’s not discuss this here…

It has been updated regularly, there was never a year of inactivity ;-). It just seems that the latest deliveries are somewhat out of order concerning the order dates, so it is harder to track the progress, really.

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We could discuss it in the actual thread though.

This one? Librem 5 — Promise Delivery Chart

Last updates Aug 21, so less that a year, true (… context was the other thread, not deliveries).

Nope. This was from last year, I think, about what was missing and/or needing work, which seemed like closer to the point (than PDC thread):

Maybe this one: Librem 5 — painpoint assessment 2021

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25 April 2021. I’m trying to find out when I can expect to receive my phone. Especially since my current Android phone is getting long in the tooth and the camera doesn’t work anymore (well… it can’t focus)