Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

Yes of course, I check it from time-to-time anyway even if I am not expecting anything.


Looks like another new one:

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I’d definitely try again now. Might be just an oversight.


Thanks for the data point @stephan. Given that one, we have moved forward quite a bit

UPDATE: I have now removed the “trend line”, people were taking it way too serious.


Out of curiosity, did you have to pay import duties/VAT/…? What was the shipping experience like?

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I was charged EUSt of EUR 100.71 plus “Duty Tax Receiver Service (L1)” of EUR 14.88. Payment was handled online via DHL as the parcel was traveling.

Fine, I could track the progress in standard DHL online tracking. I selected a 4h delivery window, and the parcel arrived at my door well within that window. Just don’t expect to be asked to sign a receipt, not during the pandemic :slight_smile:


Please try again - I know that there were some orders that were accidentally skipped around that date (although I thought this was already resolved); this may also mean that there was no reply for shipping address confirmation e-mail. Maybe there’s some issue with e-mail delivery between your server and Purism’s?

/cc @joao.azevedo

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@joao.azevedo and I have exchanged some PMs, and tried (and failed) to establish two-way communication by e-mail. I sent an e-mail to him which he received, but for some reason his reply never arrived, although I have received other communications from the Purism store at the same e-mail address.

I will e-mail Purism support again with a choice of contact options. Hopefully someone at Purism will pick this up and be prepared to work with me to resolve the issue.

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And I replied to the email you sent me, did you not received my message?

No, unfortunately not (although many thanks for trying). An e-mail related problem would explain why I never got the address/modem confirmation e-mail, although I have received other e-mails from the Web shop to the same address. Anyway, I have e-mailed support now with some other contact options, so I hope that the issue will get resolved soon.

@pakman hi I sent you a new DM

For the record, it seems that the problems with my order are due to some incompatibility between the e-mail forwarding system that I often use and Purism’s e-mail setup, so I was not receiving e-mails relating to my Librem5 order. Thanks to @joao.azevedo’s intervention, it looks like my phone will ship soon :pray: :grin:

Thanks also to @stephan - it was your post about receiving your phone on Jan 31 that alerted me to the problem.


That sounds interesting. Maybe you would start a new topic in order to elaborate on that, if doing so meets your privacy requirements.

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What is your order date?

October 20, 2017

I have almost no hard information about the issue, so I don’t think it is appropriate for me to start a new topic. What I can say is this: as a general rule I only give my main e-mail address to people that I know personally, for other interactions I use a system of generating new e-mail addresses that are forwarded to my main mailbox. I used one of these for my account at the Purism shop, and I have successfully received occasional e-mails that have been sent to it. However when João tried to establish contact using this e-mail address, we found that he received e-mails sent by me with this e-mail address in the From: header field, but his replies never reached me.

I am not going to speculate about the reasons why this happened, but I am assuming that Purism sent me a modem/address confirmation e-mail which similarly never arrived.

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Today, I received my “preparing your Librem 5 to ship” Mail. I ordered 2017-10-22. Actually I opted for batch fir, which Purism confirmed to me some years ago.

Now, I’m wondering if batch fir is abandonned, or when it will happen (it should have been out by Q4 2020). And why it is not possible to wait for fir, although they told us so.
Purism has been silent for at least one and a half year concerning fir.
@todd-weaver @Kyle_Rankin @nicole.faerber


I was the one that replied to your email today. Your order is in batch Fir, and it was an error on our part that you got that email. As for Fir, it is a Future model, it will only be released after evergreen, and after we push our backlog of Librem 5 orders.


I have a friend who’s order date was October 21st. He just got his shipping confirmation email today

"Dear Name

Summary: With apologies for the delay, we are now preparing your Librem 5 to ship "