Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

Well, that’s not a proof of payment. But because I have nothing else, I submitted this.
I’m afraid this is just as good as the enclosed invoice/delivery note

possibly, customs compared the price on the enclosed invoice with the current price! AGAIN no clue!

Hi adamk,

look for your E-Mail back in the past. After your Order you got one E-Mail with the total amount and the Bank Code Number. And days later you got a E-Mail like “Your Purism order receipt from …”

This should be enough proof of payment.



My email address and credit card have changed over the last 4 years! I found a screenshot of the order process in 2019 and forwarded it also to customs.

support helped me by sending me the same documents that where rejected by customs.
i am in contact with support Mladen Pejaković.
my reply:
On Fri, 2023-03-17 at 23:00 +0100, ak wrote:


i have found the word “WIRECARD” in your attached documents.
i checked address confirmation mail and company is Wirecard. i over-
viewed it!

i was employed by Wirecard and used to have my shipment there.

after Wirecard’s bankruptcy in 2020 i have changed online billing and
shipping address to my personal address.

pls see attachted screenshot
there is no wirecard since 2020!

i think wirecard has triggered the authorities!

please send my a personal invoice, not a commercial/businesses, one!

no response so far!

@adamk I had the same issue as you, but fortunately, my previous bank sent me via email my account activity reports as a PDF every month, so I found the report from month when I purchased Librem 5 and used that as a payment proof for customs.
Do you have something like that maybe?

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My turn! :smiley:
Order date: July 8th 2019
Shipping Email: Mar 9th 2023
Shipped: Mar 16th 2023
Received: Mar 18th 2023


OMG, I’m July 31st '19: so close I can practically taste the icing off the top!
Encore un effort, Purism: let’s go with that shipping email!


They haven’t told you what issue exactly they’re having with the enclosed invoice.
Customs officials are people, too. Sometimes they make mistakes but whenever I had an issue, they were happy to help.
Once, they even accepted a printout of a year-old SMS thread I handed them as proof of purchase!
I’m sure you’ll be absolutely fine. There’s no reason to be afraid.


Anybody else received L5 with accessories(includes battery)?

Order date: 2019-05-04
Verification email: 2023-02-15
Email response: 2023-02-17
Shipment: -
Received: -

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@narezina Actually, it was “only” an upgrade to Visa Gold that came with a new account number. The issuing institute remained the same. Should be possible to receive past reports, of course for a fee. Will do that if the evidence presented is not sufficient for customs. i can download reports for the past 3 months what i probably should do!

@Lliure true. should be just a matter of time when i can hold the L5 in my hands. Current case status is: “in progress”. fingers crossed.


Very great day yesterday. Finally received my L5 :star_struck:
Order date: 2019-07-10
Verification email: 2023-03-09
Email response: 2023-03-09
Shipment: 2023-03-15
Received: 2023-03-20
Location: Denmark

Pretty impressed already and there is still so much to try out. :grinning:
This is going to be great


Order date: May 5, 2019
Verification email: Feb 15, 2023
Invoice/shipment: Mar 17, 2023
Librem 5 received: Mar 21, 2023
Destination country: USA

I got the AWESim Simple Plus. Can verify calls and text work great. Should have fun getting it set up now!


It also sorts better.

Order date:          April 20, 2019
Verification email:  February 15, 2023
Email response:      February 16, 2023
Invoice/shipment:    March 14, 2023 (delayed due to extra battery)
Librem 5 received:   March 23, 2023 (delayed at customs due to partial incorrect shipping address)
Location:            Germany

I’m in the process of setting it up and integrating it into my system. Nextcloud, NFS, VPN; Access my music, TV, contacts, calendars, etc. on the go.
Yeah, finally!


Order date: 2019-07-25
Verification email: 2023-03-23

Finally :slight_smile:


Order date: August 2, 2019
Verfication Email: N/A
Shipping: N/A
Arrival: N/A

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Order date: July 30, 2019
Verfication Email: N/A
Shipping: N/A
Arrival: N/A

Well since were comparing notes:

Order date: May 13, 2019
Verfication Email: February 22, 2023
Shipping: March 10, 2023
Arrival: March 17, 2023 (cross country BTW, FedEx Ground)
Destination country: USA

Got the AweSIM SIMple, also does phone calls and text.


Librem 5 has currently got a hopeful lead time for delivery (about a year). Meanwhile some Librems start resurfacing on ebay and the like, certainly a faster way to get hold of this device!

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