Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

Place your order now, get it in a few months!

What is unclear here?

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Well, that depends on the teen. Someone who would enjoy tinkering around with a Raspberry Pi might well get quite a lot out of a Librem 5.


This is where I ordered from, at the site below. I don’t see “get it in a few months” on here. If it’s there, it’s in very fine print. I don’t have issue with the product - it sounds great. In fact, it sounds fantastic. But I like transparency. And btw, a “a few months”? Sounds like people have been waiting way longer than “a few months”. JS…

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People who are waiting for more than a few months (like me) were told to wait for a couple of years back then. And we’re still patiently waiting :slight_smile:


Your link goes to the page describing what Librem 5 is. If you click there “Order Now”, the next page says about the few months in a pretty big font.

Concerning the delay, indeed, it’s been longer than a few months, but hopefully it gets better now, because most issues are already resolved and the mass-production version (Evergreen) is already shipping.

People have. But now we’re in the shipping phase. This phase includes all the crowdfunders, then all the orders that were made after that. It’s expected to last for a few months (i.e. into spring).

Orders placed now will follow that.

I wonder how many people would order a phone, from a company they’ve never heard about before, without doing a little research into it. I can’t even do that with a company I do know about. Strange.

Most people, they’ll get sucked in by the hype and then become very frustrated by the lack of transparency


You could be right that communication is not as clear as it could be. I don’t know. I was one of the original crowdfunders, so I knew what I was getting into, I knew that I was ordering a product that existed only as an idea, and that was all happening 3 years ago. I knew that I was backing the development of a new product.

My phone arrived a few weeks ago. Yay me!


Part of growing up is coming to the sad realization of how the world really works. :wink:

Perhaps the corresponding web sites are usable even if not optimal. You may be right that your typical young person would be waiting for an easy-to-install Anbox.

I find it difficult to reconcile a commitment to privacy with sharing your every thought, action and movement with Big Tech.

I think battery life improvement would be the showstopper for glued-to-their-devices young people. Maybe that is a hidden benefit for them. :wink:

not all young-adults think alike >

i also think that there are PLENTY of ‘opinions’ that young-adults share … no different than regular people in general (minus the experience)

If someone had given me a Librem 5 when I was 14 years old, it might have flowered a huge interest in computer science at an early age, so not being a complete smartphone isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Because not everything works out the box, it becomes a fascinating challenge to see what you can get working.

It really depends on the type of young person.


If someone would give me such device at my 14 I’d be so excited that probably would have thrown away my zx spectrum and learned ARM64 ASM instead of 8080 ASM.


Me too my Commodore C64.

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New recipient in (I assume) Germany:

Edit: A second, separate new recipient also commented on their thread.




@Kyle_Rankin, @dos, I had suggestion (and so did others) on updating the initial greeter screen to allow selecting the timezone. The solution suggested was it is in progress and the subsequent OS update should have an additional screen included.

Looks like that change is probably missed out. Now that a lot of people are receiving their Librem 5s, public reviews such as the one mentioned above paints a rather bleak picture that there is an issue with the Librem 5.

It is not good for Librem 5 when people keep harping that they had issue connecting to the wireless. Can the addition of the additional timezone setting screen be taken up at priority?


FWIW the way I read the review was that the date was too far in the future. Selecting the correct time zone wouldn’t impact this as they’re two separate issues.

Maybe instead of defaulting to internet time, default to prompting for the current time?

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That would still be just a workaround. Defaulting to internet time works fine usually, but breaks when the time is set far in the future - which for some reason can happen with our RTC when it’s getting reset. The proper fix is to detect that the RTC clock has been reset and make sure that whatever bogus value it holds now gets ignored, which will allow time sync to work automatically without issues.