ETA on "Out of Stock" LapDock Kit

ETA on Puri Shop "LapDock Kit" or will it return?

Best ask them directly by email :wink:

Do you know of a breakdown as to which support and who is responsible for what and when? I guess all the posts here will be deleted, since most are support requests. The only thing left we can post here are praises.

Never mind,

I think I’m missing something here, but … okay
I just don’t think the community can have access to this kind of specific information, and probably most of the Purism employees looking at this forum don’t have this information either

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I think I might buy one too.

(Just to show off, but I guess it worth waiting for.)

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No telling how long a “wait” it might be. I tried Nexdock" search at amazon but like Google, they only show what they want me to see. None are Nexdock. has 2 kinds. Cabled (Ethernet maybe?) and the other “wireless”. But don’t say if the wireless on also has cable.

Waiting for a email from them about that. Too, I’ve no idea if Puri jiggered the nexdock to work with PureO/S and the NexDocck one won’t work without it which asks, is there a installable restore function.
All I could find is the ad.

I’ll post back what they (NexDock) says. If it will work out of the box, great.

I bought my NexDock from Purism, which included the magnetic mount. But a friend of mine bought his directly from the company, and it works fine with his Librem 5 USA.

I think you are safe buying it directly from


I bought my Nexdock 360 (wired) before Purism offered the Lapdock Kit. It works out of the box without any special configuration and Kyle Rankin had been using it for quite some time as well. The community wiki has a list of community-tested lapdocks in case the Nexdock is not to your liking: Tested Accessories · Wiki · Librem5 / Librem 5 Community Wiki · GitLab

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Thank you gondolyr. I am still waiting to find out if the 360 wireless includes Ethernet, and touch screen and who they use to ship to Canada. They must be bogged down in their support replies. Their specs are weak.

Did your friend get the 360 wireless? If so, is the screen touch, and does the wireless also include Ethernet?
I would only buy direct via a payment gateway if Nex does not ask for credit card that they’ll pass on to PP. Some sites do, and I won’t and don’t.
Thanks for your feedback

He got the NexDock 360, the wired version.

The same thing I got from Purism, but directly fron NexDock (before Purism offered it).

It has a touchscreen. It doesn’t have an ethernet port, It does have a spare USB-C port though, and I bought an Ethernet to USB-C adapter to get ethernet to work.

It works, but in the end I just ended up using wifi anyways.

I can use the built-in NexDock touchpad, but I’m not real fond of it. So I often plug a mouse into the extra USB port.

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I believe that the “wireless” here refers to how the video is communicated between the phone and the lapdock, and not how the phone might communicate with anything else (or how the lapdock might communicate with anything else, for that matter).

I would have significant concerns that video over wireless, of this nature, may not work at all with Linux / with the Librem 5. I mean it might work or it might not but how many $$ and how many hours do you want to spend finding out? So unless an existing Librem 5 customer tells you that wireless works, I would focus on wired (i.e. video over a USB-C connection i.e. USB in DisplayPort altmode).

Of course using USB-C for video also means that you are free to charge your phone from the lapdock while they are used together. (In other words, even if you used video over wireless, you might still want to connect phone and lapdock wired - unless you are in an “off grid” scenario where both devices are on battery.)


If in Ottawa, I think it would be funny if Storm Internet was a valid provider.

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I just got up, checked the link Storm, and don’t get the sites relationship to us or Ottawa, unless it’s the DHL colours. I need tea - maybe then I’ll get it.

NexDock doesn’t even answer their phone, or emails. :frowning:

What does “wired version” mean. Is it for a RJ45 cable or now days ‘wired’ means wireless? :confused:

I’m wondering - maybe someone has made a dock out of a old laptop. There use to be a program call “Carbon Copy”. With it one controlled another device just as if they were at the remote target keyboard. Hmmm :thinking:

I hear you. I have no like for touch pads.
I searched local stores and check w/ Google catalog too, failing any available in stores, I tried alibaba next as I find it’s a good starting point. They have none.

Thanks. Your help would have me buy it, but it seems Nex isn’t up to it again today. Like many sites, they talk the talk but …

Happy hump day,

Thanks again,

If you use “Residential” pull-down menu, then it says “Residential Internet”.

If you click on that, there is a google-style map that has a blob over Ottawa that shows the coverage. (Of course if you block google-maps according to your level of paranoia, you won’t see it.) I’m in the Eastern U.S., obviously it is not my area of coverage.

The second relationship to “Canada” is the bottom of the home page shows the home office at : Ottawa, ON K2C 2B5

Although I don’t know what NextDock has to do with it. Thought you’d use some alternate form of comms.

It means “the version that does not have wireless support”.

My understanding (disclaimers apply) is that the wireless version still contains wired support i.e. you aren’t losing anything by getting the wireless version provided that it does not cost more and assuming that you just don’t use the wireless functionality.

This is about how the video gets from the phone to the lapdock, not about networking.

So “wired” in this context means “USB-C cable”, not ethernet cable (but confusingly “wireless” does mean WiFi).

That has been discussed in this forum and it would be kind of cool (and it almost certainly doesn’t work as such with J Random laptop) but there are reasons not to do this and it would probably get us too far off topic.

That kind of approach, which is different from what is being discussed here, should in theory work but I am not sure that anyone has got it working yet with the Librem 5 and again there are reasons not to do this.

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Ahhh. Now I get it. I don’t live close enough. Any way, they tried to notify 48 other companies that I visited their (Storm) site. They are a small outfit, a reseller/affiliate and sell our data as a side income. I expect a that had I not blocked their stalkers, a few spams selling internet plans should arrive soon. It’s OK, cause I don’t see those either - Spamcop does :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tyip though. I’ll be sure to pass it along to a few politicians in Ottawa though :wink:

Happy hump day Tracy,

The reason I thought it was “funny” was that the owner is a personal friend of mine. (Not that “close”.) We both sat on the same corporate board of some other company at the time. We both suffered through the same lawsuit, because the corporate veil was broken.

Now if you don’t mind, may have permission to tell him on what you found? (He may not even know, since they are business operational details, they may be beneath his purview.) With more permission, I’ll even elaborate what you found if you want to tell me. (You can use the personal messaging if you don’t want to tell everyone here.)

I mentioned it to the Storm owner on a conference call yesteday that there was a potential customer that was worried about sales of personal data. He replied that at least he does less than the big guys. Then he mentioned an aside that all providers in Canada are on a single backbone that all providers tie into. He also mentioned he has about 10K customers in the Ottawa area.