Evergreen for Christmas

Hi I hope everyone is well,

So Evergreen by the end of November?

I REALLY want this to be a reality, but does anyone know anything more about this?

There still does not seem to be much in the way of reviews, videos, pictures of customers with the Dogwood batch online?

With some 6 weeks to go until the end of November do we think we will see a Librem 5 Evergreen for Christmas 2020 with most issues fixed?

Thanks in advance


For the moment, this seems to describe the current thinking :wink:
[edit: I was going to recommend writing to Santa, but the jolly monster has a surveillance apparatus bigger than Alphabet, Salesforce, FB and NSA combined]


I am writing to Santa in the hope that he can deliver a Evergreen Librem 5 that works out of the box :slight_smile:

I am assuming the Evergreen will ship at the end of November then?

My gut feeling is that Purism can ship the phone by Xmas, but it will still have major software issues. I’m kind of divided. I want the hardware as soon as possible and frankly I don’t care if the camera isn’t working and the power management sucks.

However, I know what every reviewer is going to say, and that will really harm the sales bump that Purism should get when it starts shipping. My feeling is that Purism needs to at least have the cameras working before it ships, so every reviewer can say "the cameras suck with Cheese, but Purism promises to improve the software), rather than “don’t buy it, the cameras don’t even work.” It looks like Guido Gunther has gotten video out to a state where the reviewers can say the same, where they see the potential in convergence. I’m not sure what is the state of GPS, but as long as Purism can show it working on the command line, then everyone will see the potential.

Most people who are on the fence will buy as long as they are convinced that Purism will get there in the next year, so it is important


Aye. Phone calls, Text messages, Hotspot, Internet Browser, and Camera are kind of the bare minimums.


amosbatto & PineappleOranges,

You both make excellent points, I have raised such issues before only to be told that calls do work, and this works and that works and so on, but I am no very convinced!

Gardiner did the best actual review so far of the Dogwood batch and although lots of progress has been made as he said things still do not work out of the box as they should.

I am sure there will be a big market for the quality kit that Purism makes, but until it works out of the box I do not think there will be a big rush.

What Purism have done with their company their kit, and their mission is totally amazing!

Although when trying to use their services I ended up deciding not to because the service I received was so poor, I know that these things can happen.

I am confident that they will succeed, everything Purism is about is fantastic.

But until someone like Gardiner does an extensive reviews and shows all aspects of the phone working, and others outside of the US conduct the same type of reviews, these questions will remain.

I ordered/joined on Jan. 11 , 2018. It’s been a pretty long journey and a lesson in patience. But as the process moves forward , the issues come up that can be worked out over time. I just figure the longer they take the more the phone will be ready for the daily driver. If not I’ll get a tracfone to help out. My moto play with it’s screen bulging off(24 hr. charging works) barely works and provides my friends something to laugh about. They refer to my forthcoming Librem 5 as the Nigerian Princess scam phone.
I don’t care as I will get my L 5. My Linux Mint 20 Intel(devil) Nuc is anxious to meet it’s new baby brother. I love Linux. The customer support guy Mladen has been like a therapist helping calm my anxiety by answering promptly all my questions.
This Nov./Dec. will be a big deal in my late life. I’m like a kid on christmas night that ate too much sugar.
And you regulars/techies are pretty cool too. This has been quite an experience! Definitely worth $599 !


Yes! Good plan, I should do the same. :gift: :christmas_tree:

I think so too. I really hope they can get them working in time, at least for reviewers sake. Likewise it would not bother me if they don’t work initially but reviews will not be kind to a phone without working cameras…

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just doN’t ! :sweat_smile: if you get diabetes they’ll put you on the respirator …


Isn’t that what tech support is all about? Maybe @mladen & co. need a new title - “support therapist”, “gadget expectation anxiety manager”, or similar? And isn’t that what this group psychosis we got going on needs? After all, we are sharing thoughts on an (mostly) imaginary device that we hope will miraculously appear (and I’m not even going to include all the obvious tinfoil stuff that could be included here about it’s mystic powers)… :crazy_face: :pleading_face: :upside_down_face:

Btw. it’s about time to get those chocolate calendars handy - you can use them to count down to the (assumed and expected) mid-November announcement. Or, if it comes to that, just use chocolate to alleviate the pain of delay (but not in the amount of losing bodyparts or fuctionality).

And on a related note, wouldn’t it be nice to have @Kyle_Rankin or someone to give an update how things are going? Even if it is “nothing has changed, everything is moving along”. So as not to repeat bad communication habits of the past and so on. It’s called managing expectations (or, like I joked, therapy for the “psychosis”). It’s been a few weeks again…

[edit: corrected specialist to manager]


The latest mention I know of is from:
October 8, 2020 - Purism Launches Fund Your App Page:

“The mass-produced Librem 5 phones begin shipping late November 2020”.

On the Librem 5 Product Page it says:

“Upon initial shipment of the Librem 5, it will offer the essentials: phone functionality, email, messaging, voice, camera, browsing.”

EDIT EDIT2: @joao.azevedo just posted some pictures taken with Librem 5 [Edit2: Android] and a note about quality and camera drivers still needing work (a lot).

When I ordered it in Sep 2018 there were about 3700 orders already. And being located far away in Romania, I’m pretty sure I won’t get it for Christmas (again). But perhaps in February…? Although I feel that another delay is coming…


Because there are almost no Dogwood in the wild. Dogwood had (still has?) a serious problem that made a large majority of customers to switch to Evergreen before a hack (not a fix) was found.


wow, wow, wow. You miss read my joke :smiley:

(those pictures where made with a A***D smartphone)The joke was the picture quality would get better when the camera on my Librem 5 works and I can take pictures from it.


But to clarify, camera is being worked on now


I just got back from a vacation, but things are all going according to plan. Nothing new to report in terms of Evergreen timeline.


if you eat chocolate then eat your chocolate :slight_smile:


maybe we need Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler in here to help with anger management as well :sweat_smile:


Thanks to everyone for all the replies.

Sadly as much as I love Purism, as I have said before, until someone like Gardiner is holding & reviewing a Librem 5 and shows ALL aspects working out of the box this issue will not resolve.

Which issue?

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Since you mention that … any word on the status of / progress with this I2C (?) problem? @joao.azevedo @Kyle_Rankin