"Feature Request" Forum Category?

Suggestion: Add “Feature Request” Forum Category
Issue: There are many feature requests on the forum:

These are just a few.

I think it would make things a lot easier if they had their own forum category.

Example(s) of this in use:


Way off topic here @gjkhwqghjgjhdsbamhfj but can you tell me what this forum type is? I see Bitwarden uses it and I know Nextcloud does too. I like it and wonder what it is.

If you are asking what the software behind Purism’s forum is, it is Discourse.

And it is open source:


I don’t know whether Discourse supports it but another way of tackling this is via “tags”, rather than categories.

Thank you @taylor-williamc and sorry to hijack your topic. That’s exatly what I was wondering. I thought Nextcloud wrote their own interface up until I got directed to join this one; déjà vu. I’ve looked around a bit and didn’t see anywhere that a platform maker was credited.