Feature Request: Mute User

Would be nice to be able to mute a user.

I’ve noticed some people on the forum
who write a lot :scream: without saying anything.

A mute would cut the signal to noise ratio.
Plus it would allow my future nemesis’s to mute me :slight_smile:

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Purism uses Discourse for these forums. I don’t know if Discourse supports user muting.

Based on this thread, it seems that it doesn’t exist, despite some desire for it:


thanks for the quick reply

I’ve noticed that most of the “junk” posts come from brand new accounts (e.g. new Librem owners posting newb questions or curious bystanders asking things already answered by many FAQs), so muting will become an exercise in whack-a-mole.

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My issue is not with posts since we can search to filter them.

My issue is with comments.

I’d like to block anyone who writes long, wordy, self-centered, instead of reader-centered comments.

If average comment > 500 words then block.

Maybe there’s some way to have discobot pop up if someone with a new account starts writing a wordy post, saying “are you sure this wouldn’t be more appropriate as an email to support@puri.sm? Sure, you’ll get to vent, but even if this isn’t resolved to your liking, you’re not going to adversely affect their sales, so do you really want to spam the forum like this? you’re just going to look like an asshole, and nobody is going to sympathize with you. bleep bloop.”

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yes please add feature to mute topics, and or users or give me admin rights and ill do it :stuck_out_tongue:

I think random discussions need to be split out from technical (or semi technical) discussions.

There is a topics Muted function just realized will give that a try.

Already existing functionality in Discourse.

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Regarding the original request (mute user, not topic), that too exists.

Click the user’s name in an offending post.
A small dialog box comes up
Click the user’s name again, this time in the dialog box
The user’s summary page comes up
On the right hand side, you will see “Normal”
Change “Normal” to “Ignored” (or “Muted”)