Firefox ESR && flickering Bookmarks

Some days ago in my L5 Firefox ESR was updated to version 102.3.0esr and since then when I go to

Bookmarks --> Other Bookmarks

this menu is only flickering and unusable.

Yeah the latest security update broke most of the menus on FF making it painful to use. Seems we need to wait for a fix…

I noticed it through downloads. I’m sure an update will take care of it. As of right now ESR is the only real way to browse the web on the L5 (that I know of).

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It’s a known issue and happens if your bookmarks are larger than can be displayed.

I was able to fix mine by hitting the three lines on the right hitting bookmarks and fixed the titles to be small.

Definitely a bug that needs to be fixed, but this should help get around it.

Could you please explain this a bit more, maybe even with a screenshot. What are the “the three libes”. I can’t even find this in a dictionary. Thanks in advance.

First try updating your system and rebooting I think the new update may fix this issue(as I can’t reproduce it anymore).

Otherwise try this:

  1. Open the bookmarks menu
  2. Press Manage Bookmarks
  3. Find a bookmark that you think may have a long name and press it (Your bookmarks should be in one of the displayed folders, mine were all in the Bookmarks Toolbar for example)
  4. Modify that to a shorter name (Rule is the name shouldn’t be so long it can’t fit on the screen in the menu that your seeing the issue)
  5. repeat with other bookmarks.
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Thanks. This helped me a lot and I fixed it.

He meant “the three lines” which is also known as the “hamburger menu”, for anyone else who’s confused.

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I also can not reproduce flickering bookmarks, but there are other things that flicker.

  1. Addon popups are flickering and thus unusable. (Those popups that are normally opened by clicking on addon’s icon.)
  2. “Overflow menu”, if it does not fit into screen. (The menu where addon icons are moved when they don’t fit into screen.)

Screen “Scale” can be changed in the “Settings” app to make the “Overflow menu” fit into screen, but it doesn’t help with addon popups.

Yeah it’s still an issue and that makes FF mostly unusable for me, as I cannot use bitwarden. I tried to take a stab at tweaking the userChrome, but I can’t get it to work.

I have a question for everyone. Is this issue now resolved? I’m still having issues with my cell phone.

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Hasn’t been fixed yet.


Apologies to everyone… before I got my L5, I thought you all were over-reacting about Firefox. I mean, it works so well with Pinephone Mobian Phosh. Now I know better! Firefox is horrible and I’m baffled.

Another thing… on PPMP, Ephiphany crashed so so much as to be unusable. On the L5, it’s only a little crashy, which seems to be triggered by switching tabs with a bunch of tabs open.

On the L5, Epiphany rules Firefox. If Epiphany were to fix the crashes and implement addons, I might never go back!

Maybe there is some benefit Purism can get from the Pinephone ecosystem.

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For sure," but honestly I am amazed how much better that PureOS/L5 is than Mobian/PP. I have been using the PP as daily driver for almost two years now… and switched seamlessly to the L5. Night and day. The only exception I can point to is this Firefox thing.

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This is how I can get the “hamburger” menu in Firefox to fail:

  1. Launch Firefox into portrait mode.
  2. Orient the screen into landscape mode.
  3. Click on the hamburger menu. This menu will become greyed, unresponsive and will intermittently flicker (a few times every minute or so) while still in landscape mode.
  4. Orient screen back into portrait mode. Hamburger menu still be greyed and unresponsive.
  5. Quit Firefox and relaunch to restore menu functioning to baseline.

( Byzantium pureos 6.1.0-1-librem5 ; Mozilla Firefox 102.6.0esr )


firefox screen flickering still not fixed?

Well, my experience is slightly different. I only use Firefox on the L5. I use Brave everywhere else. Brave technically works on the L5 but is not adaptive. This is the reason I’m using Firefox ESR on the L5. Besides the flickering downloads or bookmark issue, I haven’t noticed anything else with it. It works the best out of all the other browsers.

I’m interested in hearing how you are getting through a day with the L5. I am using mine with a Mini X laptop dock and that helps, but I’m still curious.

Its the drop down, or pop-up menues that when opened flicker. For example the extension settings flickr, rotating the screen into landscape then back to portrait as @Zimmy indicated does make it temporarily work.

Every time I get the blinking menu, it quickly transitions to scaling problems rendering FF, if not useless, then at least utterly infuriating. It works so well on PP-Mobian-Phosh… just night and day. All things considered, it’s easier to live with Gnome Web crashing when I flip between tabs. At least it comes back to where it crashed and always scales correctly.

  • I wake up using the sun (alarm doesn’t wake up from suspend).

  • Download the latest with Gnome Podcasts.

  • Kill WiFi with HKS (to save power).

  • Drive to work, listening to stuff with a mix of Podcasts, Myuzi and Shortwave. Commute is about 90 minutes plugged in to car for power,
    mic and speakers. When receiving a call, the L5 switches sources and sinks (almost all the time), Switching and sound quality are WAY better than on the PP, even though L5 switches to-from-to 2G for calls.

  • At work the phone is either on my desk or in a Faraday locker. A normal day, I might have several texts a one or two short calls. When I leave, the charge is usually down to 30 - 40%.

  • Commute in reverse; charge usually goes back up to about 90%.

  • After supper, plug in phone and read a book (Calibre Reader) or browse the web. Update packages and flatpaks from the terminal.

*Bedtime, unplug phone (to kill red light) and read until I fall asleep. Charge is usually down to 40 - 60% by morning.