First week in with my Librem 14 (Thoughts from a Casual Linux User)

I’ll be honest, the 2 back feet are hard rubbery feeling, but thy do feel pretty sturdy at the same time. I am only bout 2+ weeks in so it still very new. They don’t feel like something I should worry about.

Something wrong with your Macbook? It only takes a few seconds on my moderate i7-7500U with 16 GB RAM.

Could depend on what and how many plugins are installed.

64GB RAM for a casual, normal IT user! Sometimes I feel like I live in a parallel universe happily plugging away on 10 year-old i5 processors, 8GB ram, standard 2.5" SATA SSDs, and Atheros WiFi cards. I almost don’t want to touch a modern laptop for fear of seeing such a major performance difference I can’t go back.

One thing is for sure: the fact that Purism can put together laptops that run fully-free modern-feeling OS with near fully-free firmware and such ease of user maintenance and upgrading is both amazing and sad. Amazing because of how far things have come. Sad because there just seems no justification for all the other mainstream vendors out there continuing to produce locked-down, phoning-home, break-it-and-bin-it devices.


The fact is that the mainstream vendors have every incentive to do this for economic reason; the sad fact, in my opinion, is that governments, which should be regulating things like this, are captured by neoclassical economic theories of laissez-fare and have abandoned citizens to the mercy of oligopolies.


I think you can comfortably drop the “in my opinion” from this, and just rest with the “sad fact … is”. Hard to argue with a word of what you have said.


64 GB is absolutely absurd and I know it! MOST casual users (including myself) will probably be just fine with 16gb of ram, but I thought if I could afford it, why not just max out to never have to open this thing up again and be set for the years to come.


Thank goodness for Purism, and some of the other linux hardware vendors giving us options!


Definitely no criticism on my part there. 99% jealousy. 1% cause for reflection.

Very much so. With what is being achieved by the likes of Purism, System76, Pine, Fairphone, MNT Reform and others the argument that locked-down, proprietary devices and software are a necessary evil is becoming less and less sustainable. Just the environmental damage alone should be enough to justify regulation towards these types of devices and software, or at a minimum government action to only spend taxpayer resources on free software and hardware. Add to that the privacy, consumer and property rights issues and the likes of Purism are certainly increasing the imperative for broader action.


That way you got the better performance immediatly and don’t rely on the future availability and price of the memory modules.

Completely agree.

If in the US, you might keep an eye out on:

@Gordito - Thanks for the post!

There are competing priorities there.

The price for the same amount of RAM will usually go down in the future, particularly for higher density modules, except when the type of module becomes obsolete and hard to get.

So if price is the main consideration then you want to find the sweet spot (the knee in the price curve).

If hassle is the main consideration (not confident that you will correctly buy compatible modules for the upgrade in the future, not confident that you will correctly install the modules without breaking something) then you want to err on the side of caution i.e. buy too much memory.

swapping the memory modules themselves is NOT difficult and is usually only a matter of pressing the latches that hold the memory in-place, taking out the memory and inserting the replacement.

the trick with SOME devices is OPENING them up or rather … figuring that out.

Purism is on the easy side … when it comes to hardware intervention. that doesn’t mean that there are areas that can’t be improved upon though …

Just got my L14 today…

Build quality is good. The right shift key is a little odd to get used to but I’m sure it’ll be fine over time. I haven’t popped under the hood just yet, but will as I add RAM and an NVMe. It was cool to see PureBoot with Librem key verifying my bios on first boot.

I am having similar problems as the OP with PureOS and app installation (for me and at this time, there arent any updates to be had), however, I can’t install any apps via the software app or via the terminal with apt.

I had originally thought I was going stick with PureOS, but I like the flexibility Arch gives me so I’m going that route, at least initially.

Hopefully, we’ll see more people getting the L14s soon!


I was planning on getting a USB-C monitor for my Librem 14 which just shipped… Anyone who can confirm this or managed to get this working just fine?

Works just fine for me. I use a single usb-c cord to charge and display.

same issues hear. Having to use command line to update upgrade software. Right shift key is interesting to use. Anyone know where there is a list of Key strokes etc. on controlling the keyboard lighting etc? So far I like my 14 except the right shift key will take finger training.

they’re printed on the keyboard :slight_smile:

OK! do you use the shift key or the Purism key or some other combination? nothing seems to change when I use the (lighting?) key or brightness keys??? DUuuuu.

you use the Fn toggle key, as is standard on laptop keyboards. Fn + F4 cycles through the 5 keyboard backlight levels.

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