Fixing Librem 13v4 microphone issue

Hi all, looking to get some help here to fix my L13v4.

So my L13v4 is not entirely usable now as i am suffering from the “static only from internal microphone” issue. My mic is detected, the video/mic switch is on, and the microphone is detected in PureOS, however all i get is static from it. It doesnt capture any sounds/voice from the environment, just static.

the problem is worse because the headset plugin doesn’t have mic input so any headsets i plug in don’t allow me to speak. I would have to carry with me a USB mic device which i really don’t want to do. My laptop should be usable for videos calls, that’s a basic function.

so I am looking at fixing this issue. First, I assume the mic isn’t working because the mic wire is broken at the hinge level. If i am wrong here please let me know. Since I cannot open the screen bezel (from what I have read), I am left with the following options:

  1. drill a small hole and glue a new replacement microphone somewhere on the base far enough away from the keyboard/fan

  2. cut the wire from the screen microphone which isnt working and solder wires from the headset connector which carry headset microphone signals and plug that into the mic input - thus substituting microphone input from the screen mic to the headset mic ( a swap).

I am very hands on, and seeing as this is a key feature i need from this laptop I am willing to take a risk in modding it. For example, my hinge previously broke (the plastic holding the screws) and I molded a new hinge bracket using marine grade epoxy.

I have the following questions:

  1. has anyone fixed their internal microphones?
    1.1 does anyone know the source of the static? Is it from the screen interference? or is it from the internal board?
  2. Has anyone been able to add mic input for headset from the headset jack?
  3. does anyone know the type of microphone imbedded in the screen? I would need to buy a replacement.

Many thanks! This is a good laptop and there’s no reason to throw it away, I am determined to fixing it so it is usable.

Reply to keep track of forum threads with more information

Information on microphone jack located in this thread:

(the jack appears able to read the microphone headset jacks)

multiple white noise threads like this one

(i wish support wrote fixes in the threads instead of saying “contact support” that way future users could read what the fix was/is)

Someone here says there may be a solution to the static noise issue?

Contact Purism support.

okay, but this approach seems counter productive. We could discuss issues in the forums, for others in the future to read answers and perhaps help them, or just move this to private mail such that no one else in the future would benefit from the solution…

Also, my computer isnt under warranty anymore so isn’t it wrong of me to expect purism to give me bespoke support?

Feel free to discuss your issues regardless, but I see it more counterproductive to ignore this very first sentence on the community forums.

Once your issue is solved by Purism, you can simply share the solution thereafter in your thread if you want.

for the benefit of any others who may read this in the future:
So support said what I expected, namely that it is either the wiring in the lid/hinge or the actual micrphone itself that is faulty. They indicated that a new screen unit would be needed to fix the issue.

I then asked what model/type the microphone was and they indicated that they did not have the model number on hand as this is anot a part that they stock, they just sell the screen units.

I will therefore continue my journey into fiing the laptop’s microphone (without replacing the whole screen unit). My initial plan is to solder a new headset jack with microphone input, detach the inner microphone input and replace it with the headset microphone input. In a way, by-passing the statick-y inner microphone and replacing it with the headset jack input.

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