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The core question was “what is the point in having 2-3 laptop categories?”. Most question are not device specific, but phone/tablet/laptop/server/… specific. Moreover we have also 3 different Librem 5s if you want to have it device specific, but in most cases it’s irrelevant. So what is the reason for your decision?

I think that the L5 needs it’s own software category or a sub category underneath software.
Reason: It has a totally different display size and needs a special layout.

Also: The round table is the arena to go to for those discussions that are getting steamy.

A “How to” section would be nice to have.


They are different in terms of firmware: the Librem 13/15 originally came with proprietary AMI firmware; the Librem 14 is the only one with gratis and libre EC firmware; and the Librem 16 is simply unknown. They also have different hardware issues, such as the infamous hinges on the Librem 13/15.

I agree, something like Guides and Tutorials make sense.

I think that is better covered by the existing Wiki (if community-supplied content) or the existing official Purism doco (if supplied by Purism). It can be difficult to find things in the forum, particularly as things get dragged so far off topic so often. There are also edit limits in the forum configuration / software.

I think this is a two-edged sword.

On the one hand, some questions are model-specific and it never hurt to specify by implication what model is being used.

On the other hand, if there is a common solution hiding in the category of one model of laptop then someone might not find it just because the customer has a different model of laptop. (One answer to this is to have a forum curator who extracts common problems with their solution out of the forum and into a knowledge base, and at that time would determine whether the solution does apply or would likely apply to other models.)

One observation that I would make is that … if you start off with a split into Librem 13 v. Librem 15 v. Librem 14 then you can always merge later on … but you can’t go in the other direction (unless customers are absolutely rigorous about using tags on their topic and I don’t think customers will do so).

In my opinion, the forum may be trying to be all things to all customers, covering all of:

  • customer support,
  • knowledge base,
  • general enquiries and discussion

when in reality the forum is best suited to the latter.

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But also in the other direction. Looking for something to Librem 14 which was already described in a thread with Librem 13/15 tag will also be not found. That was one of my thoughts when I asked first time. However, I don’t care too much about it.

In best case it would automatically add always 2 tags when choosing a specific device, but I don’t if this is even possible with this software.

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Yep, at the end of the day we are providing feedback on a proposed category hierarchy and hopefully the original proposal will emerge even better for the discussion but if all of my suggestions end up getting rejected, I’m not going to stress. :wink:


IMO, there are much more important things that need fixing.
If you ask 10 people to paint your portrait, you will 10 very different portraits. Same applies here, only you’re asking more than 10. It will take forever to muddle through the picayune.

  • Fix the forum formatting.

  • Update the Store: ( when something is no longer available, or sold out, remove it or mark it beinga back order. If not selling it any more, take it out.
    Make it one or the other retail outlet (shop or products) because not all products are in the store or vise versa - it’s confusing…
    Ditto for

  • Fix this format option so we don’t have to delete “List item” in order to insert bullets.

  • Update

  • Wiki needs sever intervention
    and a link for:

    • -how to replace battery (internal doc, not in forums)”.

I have been waiting for that doc for months. I just thought of that wording, does “internal doc” mean for Puri staff only & if it’s not in forums, and we are allowed to read it, where is it?
It’s of no use to me ( in Canada, we can replace the battery - getting one is the hard part, but might help those that are replacing their battery only in the US.
Make a note that batteries cannot be shipped out of US naked - they must be inside a device.

  • Fix the meta for lord Google. Many times I search w/ Google and links to anything here are 404.

IMO: This reorganizing is only going to P/O Google and generate more frustrating 404’s.
Have you ever walked into your favourite retailer and find they moved everything around? Same stuff, nothing new, just in a different place? Yeah - well…

The proposed are great ideas. I hoped more info, not reorganizing it, would be foremost.

The sales pitch at just and the other at the same except that includes Mobile provider account at and the other has constantly growing price at last call being “Starting at $2,199” price or at “$1,999.00” or “Starting at $649”…
Too confusing.

I want to see the L5 flourish, and sales grow exponentially. Confusing would-be buyers with the site, then again with 3, so far, episodes of the same thing, worded differently.

Of major concern is the pitch. The L5 is being advertised as if it is the same as the two monopolies, Google phone, or Apple phone. IMO, the L5 is a long way from being a digital phone as good as those or the many others out there. Anyone looking at the low priced phone would think of it the way I did as a consumer. It’s a long way off, but the pitch hides that - - feature.



Let us know when you have taken in all the new feedback after your latest post in this thread and resetted the poll.

Good point. I think the distinction is to categorize “hardware” as “platform” so Platform -> Librem 5 could be appropriate. However, in the event that the hardware platform is not listed, it is less intuitive to know to select “Platform” than “Hardware” if trying to discuss hardware not otherwise listed.

Also fair. It’s a best-effort situation here. If the community deems that a recategorization is needed, then they can tag it appropriately and flag it for moderator action. FWIW, (apologies for going slightly off-topic) I’m considering appointing a volunteer community moderator that is a) even-tempered, b) has time and desire to do such housekeeping, and c) knows how to distinguish a healthy disagreement vs an online fistfight. (Anyone reading this: just DM me to express interest.)

Yes, I think this is when it’s simplest to use the new tagging feature… for the time being, unless it becomes cumbersome later on.

Yes, the current guideline is to use the specific sub-categories unless a selection is not available, in which case we use the parent category.

The Discourse software has the ability to link related tags. Otherwise, I’m keeping it to TL4 to create tags as to avoid singular/plural issues, misspellings, etc.


That’s where I’m leaning. This new categorization isn’t written in stone and may be adjusted if need-be.


I think @FranklyFlawless and @irvinewade responded with the same opinion I have, but I’m also flexible here. For the time being, it may be annoying to have so many categories, but it at least provides a nice way to keep them categorized. I’m not opposed to using labels instead - I’m not sure.

Anyone may add additional labels (that already exist) to threads, yes. There is a max of (5?) as configured, but this is adjustable in the admin pane. I have it set to 5 to provide some utility but not be too visually overwhelming.

Working on it

Agree, it is a little cumbersome. Francois is working on storefront efficiencies and fixing inconsistencies. You’re definitely encouraged to a) create a thread in Feedback, b) emailing, or c) DMing me to pass the message on.

Discourse uses standard Markdown text formatting; you don’t have to use the buttons in the edit menu. For nested bullets, type:

- main bullet
    - nested bullet (after 4 spaces)
- more stuff

Working on it

Lord Google web crawlers care nothing of our peasantly timelines. I would guess that Discourse software manages the metadata on its own; this would be something our sysadmin would need to tackle.

Walk, then run. It’ll happen. I’m working with the team to create some internal process/policy improvements that will help this along.

Whew, that should be everything. I’ll now update the OP and reset the poll. Again, we can make small tweaks later; I just wanted to get most of the current pain points out of the way. Thanks for your time and attention, everyone!


Based on recent discussion in another topic, maybe we need a subcategory called “Whining” under “General”.

It is not that whiners would post their topics there (they wouldn’t) but that you (or another mod) would move the topic there.

It is an open question as to whether “Whining” would be :lock:.

And the choice of subcategory name as “Whining” is not intended to be the actual name. You would have to choose something more palatable. :slight_smile:

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@JCS related to answers to me: I’m fine with your latest response. :wave:

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Shouldn’t this be Librem AweSIM? seeing how it is AweSIM SIMple and AweSIM SIMple Plus and AweSIM?
(I am not trying to be picky, I think your efforts are very good. :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:)

I see what you mean. The marketing is a bit ambiguous, IMO. :person_shrugging:

The product category is Librem AweSIM, but the product SKUs are:

  • Librem SIMple
  • Librem SIMple Plus
  • Librem AweSIM

I can change the category to Librem AweSIM but, again IMO, people may think “but I don’t have the unlimited plan - does this still apply to me?”

Edit: I’m asking the Purism product team to advise on the preferred general product category naming convention.

Edit again: Todd said that the naming schema is an unfortunate misnomer (having both a product series and a single SKU being called “Librem AweSIM”) but that he’d suggest we use “Librem AweSIM” as the category for now.


I think you have it right in the first place. The category is “Librem SIM”, attempting to cover all the plans that Purism sells, regardless of the name of the plan. Maybe “Purism SIM”. Or maybe “Librem Cellular Plans”. Or just “Cellular Plans”. The latter may better cover the future offering of eSIMs, and in any case the SIM is just the “bit of plastic”. That’s not what you are paying for. :wink:

We have no idea what plan names Purism might come up with in the future.


The proposed categories look super solid, so I voted to accept them as-is. That being said, a Marketplace category would be the cherry on top if you can pull it off.

Feedback should be used instead. Or, inspired by Craigslist, alternatively named “Rants and Raves”.


Feedback could cover it. The difference I see is between the more general feedback (positive and negative) and a specific gripe relating to one customer’s dealings with Purism that really ought to be going through Customer Support.

If such a category existed then maybe Complaints Department is a more palatable name.

The important question for me is whether moderators will clean up the forum by swiftly moving complaints (whining) into the Complaints Department and giving “feedback” to the person who posted it.


Actually, that does remind me of a category idea: Reviews & Experiences, or something to that effect. Threads involving them come up quite frequently.

My 2¢: The problem that I have with that is that a “Review” invariably includes statements like “X doesn’t work” or “I couldn’t get Y working” - and then the topic ratholes with people jumping in with … “here’s how to configure that correctly / fix that / workaround that” … and so it really becomes a break/fix topic. Not strongly opposed though.

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