General shipping delivery time to Europe

Hi all,

Although I’ve ordered from the Netherlands I was wondering if anybody knows about a backlog on processing new orders … My order is on hold since January the 2nd.
And it is torture to have to wait this long !! :frowning:




Hi Peter,

ETA should be stated in the order confirmation email, if not: 3-4 weeks is current waiting time. We’re sorry, but we have a lot of orders lately, and we are working to increase our shipping capacity to accommodate this increased interest.

Thanks for the update !
Good thing that there is an increased demand !




I am sorry to say this, but I ordered my Librem 13 in October for France, and its status has not evolved since my order.
It seems to me that there a lot more than 3-4 weeks between hardware arrival to the US and begginning of the sending process (it was initially planned for November). It would be great to get a simple update in the process (Are tests in progress ? Is there action around the TPM techhnology ? Is there an estimated ETA ? ).
I suppose there are lots of people sending email to just like me for the same reason. But no answer.

Is there a way to get an update please ? :cry:


@Vivien, if you ordered with TPM: we’ve just started to ship TPM orders recently, there was a clear notice that if you order with TPM the shipping could be delayed.

Well, it’s actually “ops”, and you can image how crowded they are with all the emails they get, just to tell the people what is already stated in our website/in the order confirmation email. I don’t blame the people, they want their order rather sooner than later. But we are kindly asking for patience, number of orders is growing fast and we trying to keep up by hiring additional staff to ship faster. Send me your order number in a private message and I’ll see if I can give you an estimate shipping time.

Hi @mladen,

Thank very much you for your response.

I know (or at least I supposed) you were crowed by emails like mine.
I don’t blame doers like you (or anyone else working for

My points were :
1/ delay are quite long (i.e. not 3-4 weeks but up to several months)
2/ I checked my email before I tried to contact you… There is (almost) no communication about the status, the next step and/or the estimation of the end date of the next step. It would be easier for us to wait if we would know where our order were in the process and if we got regular update.
I know it may take you time to provide this kind of update, but sooner or later, most of people will ask for update, which is anyway time consuming for you.
Maybe is there a way to update us easily in your process ?

I’ll try to be more patient. :slight_smile: Have a nice day

Best regards

Because of the TPM, like I’ve said. :slight_smile:

Sadly, there isn’t, general ETA’s aren’t so precise, individualized are time and manpower consuming. I’ll discuss this with my colleagues, that’s all I can promise for now. :slight_smile:

@ptomaat once you recieve it I am very curious to hear about the import process and costs. That is the one thing that thus far has stopped me from getting a Librem…

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