GNOME gestures for Phosh

I really like this UI concept:

I would love to see it implemented by default into PureOS on Librem 5. I’ve really got enough of the “touch that button” concept of Android.


I also really like that approach. It reminds me of BB OS10. One finger swipe for opening the app overview and two finger swipe for opening the keyboard (which should be barely necessary). I would personally like to get rid of that bottom bar in order to get more screen space. But I’m not sure what the devs think about that. Maybe it is not so good for accessibility.


Mmmm I missed the 2 fingers gesture, where does it mention it?
I really don’t find it useful, the main aim of a gesture based system IMHO is to be used quickly with one hand, but if I hold the phone I have only one finger available (the thumb), and I guess most of the humans are in the same situation. It’s the same reason because I don’t like the top left corner back button in UBports UI: It basically forces you to use another hand, or make some dangerous handling with your phone, especially the nowadays devices that are getting bigger and bigger!
I agree for the bottom bar, they should at least make a system option to hide it automatically, like the bottom bar of Windows/KDE for example. It should appear (if necessary) only when one swipes from the bottom of the screen. Better if it’s not there at all…


The 2 finger gesture is only a blackberry OS 10 thing not mentioned by any GNOME devs. It’s a gesture I would personally like to have implemented because there are only a few use cases of manually opening the keyboard (Tipping in a text field will open it automatically…) And if we think of removing the bottom bar there must be any different option to open the keyboard manually. The swipe gesture isn’t a bad possibility I think. :slight_smile:


Just commenting to say I agree with what you both said and I’d also love to see that in the future on Phosh.


What’s the situation with multigestures for L5? They have been around for a while for GNOME but in L5 only some apps recognize only few of them. A few of them are at odds with some of the phone shell UI features, a few would support them, some would be an addition. Some additional system wide gestures (even as additions to the listed) might make the UX more logical across various apps when one alternative way for basic interaction would always be the same (looking at you, context menus).

Is that the Gnome shell? I imagine it would replace phosh? at some point, if it is mature enough. But with anything Linux it is good to have alternatives in case maintenance is dropped.