GNUnet Messenger for the Librem 5

I like this idea :slightly_smiling_face:


Today I implemented most parts required for contact exchange in public using QR codes. It uses an alternative of DNS in GNUnet called GNS to resolve custom URIs to read records from the DHT. Like this you can easily exchange contacts now or invite multiple people into a group chat as well.

Here are some pictures how it looks in current state. Unfortunately I don’t have a Librem 5 yet to post images with it running the application.

Next I will probably implement recording and sending voice mails. My goal is to get a first release candidate done this month, fingers crossed. ^^


Release might get delayed until I fix some current issues. But I could record a little footage of it running on the Pinephone Pro. I would expect it to run as smooth on the Librem 5 but I can’t verify that myself. More information about the latest changes this month can be read here.


The application got released as tarball to be compiled from source and as flatpak on Maybe someone can try and confirm or deny whether the application works on the Librem 5. ^^


Any plans to roll this out to Android or iOS? Seems a hard sell to me to use it unless family and friends also use a Linux phone, and they may have no interest given better flagship phone cameras in those ecosystems, etc.

You can still use your phone for communicating with any random desktop user (the app does not seem mobile-only).

I think there have been some efforts lately to get a Phosh environment running on Android. I’m not sure whether this allows installing and running Linux apps easily already but this could be a way to close gaps.

However kagixa is right, the application is not designed to be for mobile Linux only. As libhandy/libadwaita intends it, the application will run on any GNU/Linux desktop (be it mobile or not). For example here it runs on a Steam Deck. ^^’

In current state there are quite some issues regarding connections with GNUnet anyway. There are already efforts to address those issues but it will need more time. So I would expect the application to get practically usable over the next 1~2 years, replacing any other messaging app in daily usage (and this estimation is very optimistic ^^’).

But I would already be interested whether the QR code scanning might work on the Librem 5 already or if there are any other device specific issues. Otherwise there are still a lot of missing features compared to other messaging apps (for example profile pictures, voice calls, video calls, blocking other users…). I would definitely prioritize those features over Android or iOS support. For compatibility I would like to see a Matrix bridge in the future but I haven’t looked into implementation details yet. ^^’