Got my Librem 15 v3 (Initial thoughts)


Got my Librem 15v3 today, right away installed Qubes 4.0 rc5. Everything from installation to usage works like a charm.

The device is pretty well built, sturdy feel, the screen was much better than what i expected, Very good colors and viewing angles

The trackpad is one thing I was not satisfied with, it is not bad , but I would have liked it a bit more smooth

overall very happy with my purchase (Spent nearly 6-7 hours with it). Wonderful experience so far. Glad customer


I’ve had mine just a week and have much the same feelings. “Better than expected.” Which means I’ll expect more on the next one. :wink:

My biggest critique is the screen. It is a fine screen for what it is, but I expect hidpi these days.

I did notice the trackpad feel as you did, but it is something I got used to pretty quick. I don’t like that it doesn’t “coast” well and that many gestures just aren’t there (two finger “back” gesture from Mac being the biggest) but those are probably more software than hardware.

The lack of a caps lock light (or numlock light) seems like a weird and obvious omission. I mostly like the keyboard excepting the left shift key which often doesn’t register at the point I hit it most, just along the right side of the key. But it’s a pretty good feeling keyboard.

I wish the lights that do exist where along the outside edge as you can see them when the lid is closed and know if the thing actually went to sleep or not, for example.

Hmm, I guess that’s it, which means I’m VERY pleased with my purchase. I use Debian sid but I have PureOS on an external drive for bios updates and testing. I just prefer to install a minimal text system and build up to my preferred KDE system from there, and PureOS doesn’t offer a minimal install.

Oh, i think I’d prefer the privacy toggle switches to be inside the laptop where they’d be protected once the lid is closed, but I guess people vary on that opinion. I just feel like where they are on the outside edge they’d be prone to getting toggled while in my bag.

For a future wish list I’d go with more powerful cpus, of course, and a display port output capability so I can use my 4k monitor at a high refresh rate.



One other thing I forgot about but was reminded of this morning: The headphone jack audio on these are pretty bad, at least when the power is plugged in. Seems perfectly fine with just battery, but with the power adapter plugged in, whether actively charging or not, there is a lot of noise coming out of the headphone jack. This is true with my Librem13v3 and my Librem15v3, so it’s just part of the (mis)design I guess. Luckily most of the time I use the headphone jack I’m also on just battery – most of the time.