. h.k.s: purism: Librem 16

Purism annunced that Librem 16 it is the next-gen Laptop coming up…

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… and also the Librem 11 tablet!

to be announced in the coming months, along with a new product offering announcement that has not been shared publicly.

Cue speculation. :wink:


Citation needed

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This one’s legit. It was in an email sent out by Purism by the Investor Relations team.


Previously, people were sharing their wishes for the new laptop here:


Also, in the investing round email, Todd Weaver wrote, of the regular Librem 5:

…the small balance are rapidly approaching full delivery to the last of the supporters who should get their phones before June 30th, 2023.


By year’s end too:

Products planned to arrive within the year:

Librem 16 laptop
Librem 11 tablet

If there’s a a third product, it seems like Librem 5v2 announcement is a reasonable bet. What other form factors aren’t covered at this point to make it anything else? Printers? Smart fridges?


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I guess that Purism may use AMD cpu for L16.
ATM i really happy with my Librem14 and also i not fans for 16 inch size.

I would guess the opposite but I suppose we will know eventually. In the meantime natura abhorret vacuum.

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Either choice will be bad anyway:

  • AMD blackbox PSP is even more obscure and undocumented than IME

  • IME cannot be “cleaned” anymore, FSP blobs can’t be reverse-engineered due to NDAs

…and we are still decades away from having open hardware CPUs alternatives!

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But at least it can be disabled.

There are rumors that intel could open the PSP Blob.

IBM Power 9 already Fully Libre CPU.

Can we be sure of this? There is no definite proof unless we can SEE the code running in Ring -3. But I agree that it probably does what the PCH strap is supposed to be for - as was documented by PT - simply because I believe that what some special Agency wanted was therefore granted. They are the ones who most needed this “experimental” feature because they feared the environment would become “Super God Mode” if ever compromized. And it has indeed been shown to be vulnerable to all sorts of devastating real attacks and PoCs

What you say here is very interesting! I would very much like to know a bit more…
My opinion is that Intel is already quite active in the community, and especially in freeing their on-die iGPU drivers and libs - which is the reason Purism laptops can safely use them in the boot chain and did not want to add any discrete proprietary GPU in there with all sorts of security complications caused by blackboxes running obscured code. But the main problem here is IP. If you disclose IP you weaken your position in the market - so what can really be revealed and opened without disclosing key technologies that must be protected? For example, could microcodes be fully documented? My dream is that Intel would some day realize they could become the flagship of a new segment in the industry that needs open and fully documented hardware for high security requirements. They would build and sell those new chips. Their design would be security-oriented as opposed to max performance: e.g. no speculative execution, no out-of-order and no hyperthreading. They would thrive in this new market, just like others who crossed the Rubicon have embraced this momentum.

I don’t think that happened. I think the latest listed in the “Estimate your Librem 5 Shipping” was a Feb 2021 order.

But we don’t know how many orders occurred after that date. Might only be a few.

Todd modified the estimate in this blog post: https://puri.sm/posts/librem-5-celebration-sale-200-off-for-a-limited-time/

Now says:
As Purism approaches shipping parity (estimated in early July)…

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We don’t know. We do know it’s almost 2.5 years worth of orders.

Let’s keep this topic for the Librem 16 (as yet non-existent, and only pre-announced). The topic for speculation about shipping parity for the Librem 5 might better be: Estimate your Librem 5 shipping