Has anyone in Sweden received the phone?

Has anyone living in Sweden received the phone? I really wonder how much customs taxes one needs to pay to get it to Sweden, for example.

Per their latest post, they had to delay shipping the phone, so no one outside of Purism and possibly a few closely related developers have gotten the phone yet.

The first batch of phones available to the masses is now scheduled to ship between November 15 and 26.

No. They lied about shipping aspen (turns out they only shipped internally), and have now delayed.

Majority of Purism employees are remote workers. How do you know none of them lives in Sweden?


Even if Purism has employees in Sweden, which you’re technically correct it’s possible that we don’t know, and even if they may have received the phone. The current evidence paints this as extremely unlikely and saying “yeah but it’s still possible” isn’t exactly constructive.

And while yes, if at least one of the internal deliveries of the Aspen batch went through the mail system that would qualify as technically having been shipped, that doesn’t exactly meet the spirit of shipping a product.

While technically correct, is the best kind of correct, it isn’t often constructive and serves to further divide; which I don’t believe is your goal.

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Sorry, I did not follow the delay news. Is there anyone here who is from Sweden and has ordered the phone?

Where in the world are all these Librem 5 s going? says “yes”.


I’m in Sweden and I would expect that we have to pay 25% + customs fees. And that would be on the total value of the package. So it will depend a bit on what Purism decides to put as value when they ship it. I really hope they don’t put the new retail price…


I also ordered it to Sweden, never thought about if that could be a problem. So far I just paid the price that was stated for preorders at that time, nothing extra for being in Sweden. No idea if there will be extra charges later, we’ll see what happens.

From my earlier experiences from buying outside EU, it will be 75kr for processing + as @Magnus mentioned 25% from the cost of the goods. When you get the phone, could you please drop a line here and say how it went.

How does it work with taxes when one needs to send the phone back and forth for repair or replacement?