Where in the world are all these Librem 5 s going?


I’ve seen some German (in English, but highly probable German) posts, etc. and I’m from Canada. Of course a lot were sold in America, but It got me wondering where everyone is from? Where are you from?


Canada here as well.


I believe that Purism staff could create and publish a depersonalized histogram (number of users to countries) based on IPs from which the orders were placed :slight_smile:

P.S.: Russia here.


Cool! I used to LJ and some of the most interesting conversations I’ve had were on livejournal! BTW, your space program raawks!


France here.
:fr: :slightly_smiling_face:


South america


It be darn funny if a large portion were ordered to be shipped to dead drops. (3 meters northeast to the city park bench on X street in Y city, in the boll of the large oak.)


I have my doubts we would do that





Denmark :denmark:
Both one to myself and one to a friend of mine.


Do people here not use proxies? This seems like the kind of forum that would get visited with proxies a lot.


To be fair, they could just use the shipping address (I know based on IP was said, but this would likely be more accurate)

Though I agree with Joao that while they have this information, using it in this way seems… Not in line with their goals and objectives.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they had this information laid out this way for internal use as it is a useful business metric, but not everything needs shared.


Netherlands here. :netherlands:


I don’t think a percentage by country would be a privacy issue.

Anyway, based on subjective forum observation, I’d say

  1. US (>50%)
  2. Germany (15~20%?)
  3. Canada (5~10%)
  4. France (4~9%)
  5. UK (3~8%)
  6. Australia (2~7%)
  7. the rest (<10%)

(The ordering of 3…6 is basically a wild guess. Could also be UK, FR, AU, CA)

Some hints about audience distribution are in the keyboard layout poll, although it’s missing UK, and of course layout does not directly indicate country.

:de: here


Finland. (20 characters.)


There is a matrix chatroom for France: https://riot.im/app/#/room/#purismfrance:matrix.org


And I’m from Belgium :belgium: :slight_smile:


I will use my L5 in Israel. :israel:


Finland/Sweden (and between). I sit a lot on the ferry …


Is it actually possible to order as a dead drop?