Has anyone seen anyone not working for purism with an L5 in the wild

I mean we are inside of the birch shipping batch now and I have been looking and can’t find anyone that actually has one in the wild .

Anyone else ?

I as an owner of a Birch would write somewher/here about first impressions/bugs/… and I expect the same from anyone else.

Just to temper your expectations, I would not do those things as I would not post any pictures and posting words without pictures would be met with skepticism etc and just not worth the effort for me.

Yea, unfortunately as in any other community there’s lot of toxic trolls which is discouraging. Nevertheless the progress goes on, and there are people either immune to toxic members or hardened enough to withstand them. So regardless of the tone (we do not have tone policing code of conduct here) the hands-on is much anticipated.

so as i understand it … birch and chestnut are shipped in limited quantities … shipping should ramp up from dogwood > greenwood. the last stages of greenwood and after into Q3-Q4 2020 should see massive shipments for MOST consumers throughout the world.

i think it is not bad this way (since hardware issues HAVE TO BE ironed out) before going into average-consumer hands (else you risk a “grenade” blowing in your face)


Yes, more important to do this correctly than to satisfy a vocal minority of the impatient (who would likely be disappointed anyway, if things aren’t ready) and risk a ton of bad PR.

I finally stopped lurking here and registered because there’s too much willingness to vent negativity and attack our own, we need to focus on the positive and be constructive. These are the people on our side (Purism), and certain types of “feedback” sometimes seen here is not helpful. (Not saying this thread is an example.)


By greenwood you mean evergreen?

However I am looking forward to know what is in batch ‘G’ i.e. after Fir. :slight_smile:


omg. :joy: yep, i’m tired after all ! yes evergreen lol


And how do you expect to see someone with a L5 in the wild? Think in cities with millions of smartphone and you are looking for a handful Birch L5. (typo corrected)

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I don’t.

Sure I hope to but I don’t expect to.

So many are in a hurry to see the business. Aspen is a nice idea, but one pushed forward to honor promises more than to make a difference. The point is to have a presence, but the most workable and useful presence possible.
Todd Weaver has released a notice that a printed circuit board assembly was missing a 10 k-Ohm resistance in its formulation, since corrected, this interfering with a USB deficiency resulting. The restoration of the business with the Birch iterative submission may be (hopefully) the worst defect found in the process of creating the phone.
I would not want to be involved in any fabrication of so complex a device. Samsung had its issue with Galaxy 7 and numerous other problems have been found by all of the manufacturers, it they would talk to preproduction reviews and prototype failures not brought to the market.
I keep on seeing a rush to get the whole of the enterprise to market place use.
Having a good product on the market in mid 2020 would be preferable to seeing a good number of poor implementations out there. Enough potential to bad mouth the device is likely to be voiced by those who seek to condemn anything viewed as new and different. Having those Librem 5 units I see praised and not trashed is worth the delay to my mind.


A handful bitch L5 ?? hahahahaha you wOT m8 ?

Eiiiiither way , yes I would expect someone to make some sort of claim online again if for no other reason that just to be the first .

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Yep, I said do, a handful. Do you have any better number?

I think @Some_dude36 might have been reacting to the mistyping of “birch” (not bitch)



where are our phones :smiley:

Yea , I thought he was trying to work callin me a bitch in there in some manner haha I was like " pretty harsh man . " haha

“Hidden by the community”? Really? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I mean it wasn’t on topic, didn’t contribute anything meaningful to the conversation and was all around just being obnoxious (no offense intended @reC I’m fairly confident you know when your posts are like that and aren’t bothered by this). I’m not surprised that there were likely enough flags for the post to end up in that state.

It’s not a super common thing, but from what I’ve seen if enough members flag a post then it ends up in this state where you have to explicitly click to see the post. I’ve not personally witnessed a post being removed and have even seen a post in this state restored to “normal” after further moderator intervention.

If you’re questioning whether this was hidden by the community or by Purism staff/moderators, hopefully this helps clarify a bit.


none taken …

most of the time yes … but this type of thread is what makes people get obnoxious … it’s not like you have to go out of your way to find Librem 5 reviews on SnoopTube … IF there are any posted by generous non-working-for-purism people … the degree of servitude expected is unreal …


Still no phone out there :frowning: