hdaudioC0D2: Unable to bind codec

I installed pureos but I get stuck at “hdaudio hdaudioC0D2: Unable to bind codec.” does anybody know how to get through this problem? Thank you!

This might help you:

What is your hardware?

im running a [Intel Core i9-9900K 3.6 GHz 8-Core Processor] and [Asus PRIME Z390-A ATX LGA1151 Motherboard]. Also what’s a GRUB?

GRand Unified Bootloader: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNU_GRUB

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Since we’ve seen this multiple times before the probability of PureOS running on your machine is highly unlikely. If you want to try PureOS out and see what it looks like and how it works then do so in a VM or Just use then Gnome version of Debian, looks and feels the same, it’s mostly just not PURE.
PureOS is optimized/specialized to work with Purism hardware while only using hardware driver who’s driver code is open source and I think that’s not the case with your hardware.

Or if you want to try Linux and see what it looks like and how well it works then try Ubuntu. If that works then you can try to persevere and move to PureOS.

Presumably you’ve dealt with the issues of UEFI (PureOS does not (yet) support UEFI) and SecureBoot ??

I assume that you are currently running Microsoft Windows on this computer.

PS That’s some serious CPU grunt you’ve got there. :slight_smile:

So what happened was I changed my bios to legacy mode,

I then began to boot pureos and install it onto my computer,

when it installed and I tried to boot up pureos the error showed up and I tried to follow the GRUB link, the process to getting to the grub (because I never used GRUB before and haven’t installed many OS’s other than Ubuntu) was:
turning on my computer and holding shift, then deleting the quiet splash and booting from there,

the same problem occured, so I asked some of my friends and saw some comments that my rig might not be able to work with pureos (for now). If thats the case, and the same problem occurs, i’ll probably migrate to linux mint or popos since I am fairly new to linux OS’s.

*Used windows most of the time and tried ubuntu for a month, some stuff screwed up making the OS freeze so I switched back to windows until wanting to try Linux again.

I’m pretty sure that Mint, PopOS, PureOS, Ubuntu are all in the Debian family. So I wouldn’t be too hopeful that they will be different from each other if you are experiencing total system hang.

One thing that you haven’t mentioned is what graphics you have. That is, Intel integrated graphics (Intel UHD 630) or a dedicated graphics card and if so what?

I got a geforce rtx 2070 super, and I just installed mint os without much problems.

Then I will reiterate the comment made above (slightly edited):

PureOS is specialized to work only using hardware whose driver code is open source

(and also not requiring blob firmware to be loaded into the hardware component at boot time).

That significantly limits the hardware components that can be used with PureOS out-of-the-box.

There are good reasons for that philosophy by PureOS. It is up to you to choose between openness/privacy/security on the one hand and a wider range of hardware on the other hand.

So the nVidia graphics card would be painful with PureOS.

I use both Mint and Ubuntu. I wouldn’t expect much difference in hardware support between them but use whichever works best for you.

@kieran, Sounds like PureOS could make a product that is less Pure, call it something like PureOS/80Proof? Of course the customer would have to choose it with all the limitations. (Yeah, otherwise try something like Mint.)

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