HDMI 2.0? Intel ark disagrees

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I was wondering about the specs of the librem 15. On the website, it states that HDMI 2.0 is supported. However, Intel ARK (<http://ark.intel.com/products/84993/Intel-Core-i7-5557U-Processor-4M-Cache-up-to-3_40-GHz?q=i7-5557U>) for that GPU model indicates that it only supports HDMI 1.4. That would mean that 4k is not supported on HDMI, and as no display port is provided, the Laptop cannot support external 4k screens.

Is that correct?

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No answer for that question ?

I have the librem 15.

I have plugged in my 4k monitor to another 1.4 HDMI laptop, and get a lot of flickering.

When plugging in my librem 15 to a 4k monitor via its HDMI port, I get decent performance.

So, I’m guessing it does in fact have HDMI 2.0.

If you know a way I can verify that more precisely I will. (I am a newbie).

I have the Librem 13 which also should have HDMI 2.0 support for 4k displays. I don’t have a 4k monitor yet but would like to pick one up. If anyone has tried the Librem 13 with a 4k monitor via HDMI 2.0 let me know…it would be reassuring to know before I click the Buy It Now button. :slight_smile:


Hi there, I did some research and verifications. I can confirm that the existing Librem 15 v2 supports 4K output on the HDMI port (I have photographic proof of that, but I can’t upload it yet because of a filesize limitation bug, so I’ll need to ask our sysadmin for help this week). We also asked our component suppliers this week about the possibility of having HDMI 2.0 on the Librem 13 v2 but this is not possible at this time (and we don’t want to go through the whole design and fabrication process again, as we don’t want to risk further delays), so we’ll keep this in mind for future revisions.

Once I’m able to upload the pictures, they will show up as a post on the blog.

I hope so, my 21:9 monitor can only be used with hdmi 2.0.

If 21:9 aspect ratio can only be used with HDMI 2.0, then that’s an additional confirmation for the Librem 15 v2 then, because I successfully connected it at 60 Hz on a 2560x1080 monitor as well!

Librem 15 v3 is HDMI 1.4 only? It’s sad.

I’m not sure actually, it might be 2.0 but I have no easy way to tell yet… so I preferred to write 1.4 to be safe. If anyone knows a method or product to conclusively and easily tell the versions apart, I would like to hear it, because there’s a lot of confusion and contradictions about this everywhere on the net.

>1 HDMI Port (4K capable)

HDMI without version is even more confusing.