Hello community. Please help me with some feedback

Ive been looking for a very good laptop for online work. Is this the really the best product i can purchase on the market right now for my online securty. For the current owners of pursim and librim products, how would your rate their products.
Please help me decide and the best way is to get your feedback. Other than that howcdo i even talknto purism directly or is it just email only. Ive nee. Trying to contact them and no reply. My main point, is this product for real ? Or should i go with something else

Also the price they are showing is it in usd dollars? Becaue im fom canada and price matching is important to me whenever im Purchasing the best product for my self

-sincerely A.

If you want the best security, with modern hardware, at a good price, then you should definitely go with the Librem line of laptops. Just so you know, there’s a lot of information on the website (e.g., the FAQ section, “About Us” section, and “News and Events” section, etc.), so you should read there if you want a lot of detail concerning what they’re about, and what they’re trying to accomplish; I highly recommend reading there, when you get a chance.

As far as my personal experience with the Librem laptops, they have a number of features that provide great security:

  • An entirely free software stack, down to even the BIOS level (except the Intel ME, which they have currently neutralized, and are working to remove completely). If you’re not using free software, you cannot be sure that the code running is doing everything that you want it to, nor can you be sure that there aren’t any vulnerabilities that allow an adversary to gain unwanted access to your computer. By using free software, Purism can guarantee that there are no backdoors (because anyone can check, and if they were lying, it would quickly be found out), and that any vulnerabilities discovered will be quickly patched.
  • Hardware kill switches for the webcam/microphone and bluetooth/wi-fi, which cut off the electricity to those devices, so that you know that they can’t be used when you don’t want them to be.

In addition, an investment into Purism now helps to support their future endeavors, which include freeing the BIOS completely, as well as freeing the firmware for hard drives (they are also sponsoring a crowd-funding campaign right now, to bring to market a secure phone).

It also supports their next revision of laptops, which will aim to provide yet another invaluable security feature: the ability for your computer to only run boot firmware that you sign with your own personal key (e.g., a key created with the GnuPG program, which you can find more information about here: https://gnupg.org/).

Thank you and finally I’m getting a reply. But what im also asking is the comparison between your current i7 15inch screen and the i7 13 inch screen that is expected to come out November which is long from now. Which would be more worth my momey. The 13 inch is for sure lighter which is convient for me and really easy to carry around and is your prices in usd? Because im from canada. In terms of specs. Im sure the 15 inch has better specs. Other than wprking online, ill being doing graphics and gaming on my spare time.

And thank you for your time. I dont want to talk to the bot… if your price is in usd at least it would help me see the total price i would have to pay for everything. Put ot this way im comparing your products with the tempest and rugged products which should be im canadian dollars. Im in a hurry to get my latop so i am calling and speaking to all companies available that provides secured and privacy laptop. Or else i cant do my business online.

Whether you want the 13" or 15" with i7 is really going to come down to personal preference. The 13" will be smaller and lighter as you said, and since the display is smaller, I think it should also get better battery life. You say you’re in a hurry to get your laptop, so be aware that the 13" with i7 is currently not available. But if you do want to work with graphics and gaming, the i7 may indeed be more suited for you.

The 15" provides more screen real estate, which can be nice for certain types of work, and it has some extra USB slots, but it’s really up to you.

Since Purism is an American company, the prices listed are US dollars.

Also, since you mention gaming, be advised that the Librem laptops ship with PureOS, a GNU/Linux distro, not Windows, and Purism will not provide any support if you choose to install Windows on a Librem. There are many games available for Linux, and other ways to run Windows games on Linux (mainly through a program called WINE), but there are still many, many games which do not offer a native Linux version.

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Thank you so much Taylor. You have me most of the information i need. Im not a computer guy so i cant compare the specs as good as the pros. Other than the size of the i7 i mentioned, with the 15 inch have better specs than the 13 inch? Other than doing work online, specs dont matter but when it comes to gaming or graphics designing specs does matter. I never bought a laptop like this but you helped a lot with your comments already and im really appreciate that thank you.

-sincerely A.productions

One more thing is. The discobot is really annoying because its not helping me at all, need to shut it off. Lol
Like I said this is my first time using this, So ill slowly learn. Does this site even allow us to add each other as friends.

Ps. How would you compare librim vs rugged or tempest laptops at emcon.com only asking cause im thinking this would be canadian currency which i cant check until after thenlong weekend.
Your the best

I purchased a librem 15v3 for my work, and posted my initial observations in this thread. Check out also this great youtube review of the v2.

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I am not actually affiliated with Purism in any way other than being a fan of the company, so I might be wrong on this, but I think that both the 15" and i7 model of the 13" Librems will use the same i7 chips, so performance-wise, they should be the same.

If both have an i7, then the 13" should have a better battery life because of the smaller display (I think), but the 15" has a few extra USB ports if that matters to you, and gaming/graphics on the bigger screen might be more enjoyable.

A quick look at the Tempest laptops you mention reveals one thing immediately: their default operating system (OS) is Windows. If you are indeed concerned with privacy/security, you really can’t trust Windows. Many users may get by just fine when using Windows, and it is better for gaming, but at its core, it can’t be trusted. If you heard about the fairly recent (past few months) WannaCry (and other) ransomware attacks, then you understand the vulnerabilities Windows has.

You could buy those laptops and then install GNU/Linux on them, but there could possibly be driver issues with some of the hardware, so things might not work as smoothly as you’d like (though I’m not taking a long look at their hardware, maybe Linux would be fine).

Secondly, they are much bulkier and heavier than the Librems. The Getac X500 version is nearly 12 lbs! Those are not nice to carry around, and will probably even have a hard time fitting in any normal backpack. And despite being bigger and heavier, the Getac S410 and S400 have 14" displays, so their screens are even smaller than the 15" Librem. The X500 has the same size display, but again, it weighs almost 12 lbs.
The S400 is honestly inferior in pretty much every regard, since it is locked into an i5 processor and can only have 8 GB of RAM. And while the S410 can at least have an i7 and 16 GB of RAM, so it’s pretty similar to what the Librem 13/15 have in that regard, I don’t think it offers anything unique over the Librems.
That monstrous X500 has a discrete NVIDIA graphics card and pretty much every type of port one could ever need, but again, it’s absolutely massive.

So, in my opinion, those laptops really are not useful for everyday activities. Those are clearly meant for people who need a computer in some sort of harsh environment. Perhaps you could wear them as body armor :grinning:

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I do not have any email from you on support, info or feedback alias. What email address have you sent to?

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Sorry. I tried many different ways. Shouldi contact you from now on? Sorry for the late reply. Its thanksgiving it was thanksngiving this weekend for us. I will checl this blog again tomorrow if i have any more inquiries. I notice your the manager and wasn’t sure if i could contact you. I will try again tomorrow

Just send an email to support @puri.sm describing your problem.

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