Help! Broken Hinge Librem15rev2

Today while on a 6-week business trip, I realized that I could not close the lid of my laptop anymore. Somehow the hinge got dislocated at the right side. The laptop still works fine, but I am afraid if I close it, it will be destroyed, which makes it very difficult to transport.

I noticed that other users had similar problems, and I would like to understand what I can do about it.

Here is a picture (pretty scary):

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No, I didn’t drop it. I opend and closed the lid in normal use now for about 2 years. It actually pretty much aligns if it is opened up more, just at the 90 degree angle it opens like this. It got dislocated and creates a lever arm that pulls things apart. Also no plastic crackling noises like other users reported. I don’t know enough about laptop hinges to understand where it got dislocated. At first I thought there was just a cable caught in it that prevented the closing, but when I opened the back, cabling looked ok.

I actually separated the case back from the computer by unscrewing it. No gravity, only torque. And while it looks like a floor the laptop sits on, that is actually a living room table.

But you already screwed it up (no pun intended) in an unimaginable way.
Can we see at least before and after pictures, for scientific purposes?

For me personally, that one image doesn’t really explain much. If it is genuinely just an alignment problem, or maybe something came loose, taking it farther apart may give more insight and may even allow you to realign and reassemble. That one lone photo just looks weird to me and could be caused by too many things to even begin to speculate.

Yes, but I don’t now how to take it further apart without breaking things even more (like plastic cover of hinge, for example). Anyway, in other posts Mladen asked for pictures, so i put one.

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With the bottom case off like this, when you GENTLY move the case open/closed some amount do the visible portions of the hinges on both sides behave the same way?

The logic board looks to be still screwed to the case, it looks to me that the screen is on the table and we are looking at the bottom of the laptop with the bottom cover removed and the board still attached to the frame/chassis.

I understand, and agree with, your logic; I just think I’m coming at this from a different perspective.

OK, right now the back is closed, because I am using the laptop. To me it looks as if something went loose on one side. Both hinges turn, but one seems to be dislocated, and creates a lever arm which is pulling things apart. Right now it looks pretty normal, at an angle larger than 90 degrees.

That almost sounds like the plastic that the hinge screws into is broken, but I’ve only experienced that when significant pact force was involved (motorcycle accident with laptop in backpack). If that is the point of breakage then you would have found the part to replace.

Yes, this is the case. Since I can’t fold the laptop, I had to lay it on the back of the screen to access the bottom screws. Sorry for the bad camera angle.

My logic comes from a simple mindset which states that any physical damage except
for a design flaw, is up to the vendor. And I serviced the same Macbook, 2 years in a row,
with the same keyboard issue. Sometimes even big companies screw up, it’s nothing to be
ashamed of as long as it’s known and fits into warranty. I do dislike people that do physical
damage to their machines and then ask them to be serviced. For me it equals crashing your
car and asking it to be repaired - under the service warranty.

The problem looks similar to the posts


But it doesn’t say how the cases were resolved (probably laptops were shipped to Purism).

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