Librem 13 v3 hinge broken by normal usage


Has anyone else had this happen? I couldn’t find anything totally clear on the couple searches I did… only mention of concern on the 15.

I opened mine today to power it down fully and it seemed fine, was this morning, but when I went to close the lid there was a crackle sound. I opened it a bit to look and see if maybe there was something on the keyboard or some such… nope… so I went to close it again and crackle again.

Opened and looked specifically to see what was wrong with the computer itself and saw the hinge was misaligned. Turned it over and starting on the left side it has come most of the way apart and it looks like the plastic inside where the hinge attached normally is disconnected and it’s jacked up the alignment of the entire thing crooked.

Has anyone else had this occur? Is it a known issue with the body already? Seems it should be covered by warranty as it’s been treated kindly and not long owned, seems to be a defect issue, but anyone have any difficulty with it being fixed under warranty?

Am gonna contact support, of course, but wanted to check in with other owners’ experiences with the hinge holding up or not. Thanks, all!

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Yes, please contact me at with few photos of the hinge (please reduce the size of the photos prior to sending).

Hiya, thanks for replying!

I sent out an email earlier before I saw this without pics. Will send one now with them!


I have this same problem! Would appreciate some help.

If you haven’t contacted sorry yet, I’d suggest that be where you start.

Yes, I am having this exact problem w Librem 13 v4. Upon taking off the bottom panel I can see that the plastic screw holes for he hinge screws are broken down in places. I suppose there was a misalignment that stressed the plastic.

Librem 13 v3 - exactly the same issue here.

Yeah, same problem for me too. Even on the same side.

+1 Happened with my Librem 13 v4 on the second day of usage:(

I managed to mend it with glue, and it holds for the moment. But the hinge is dislocated a little, so there is a slight friction when opening the lid, and I don’t know how to fix it.

I have already contacted the support, waiting for a reply.

That’s how the hinge is dislocated:

That is extremely unfortunate!

Librem 13 v4: Same thing happened to me after ~8 months of usage. I’ve just sent the laptop back to Purism for repair.

I hope that’s not a generalised problem, otherwise the same problem would be bound to happen again even with a new case.

Funnily enough this happened to me twice. Sent the laptop in for an RMA and the second day of usage the new one broke in the exact same place as well!

I had the same problem with an Acer notebook, would be interesting to know if the original manufacturer is the same

Just noticed that my hinge cracked on my 13v3. Pretty disappointing considering that I paid for a “Super Sturdy Hinge”