How do i add airpods to librem 15

I’m not really used to linux
Does anyone know if and how I can get airpod pros working ?

What are airpods?


they are headphones that are connected by bluetooth

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I thought that there were no free bluetooth drivers for GNU/Linux but looking at the Debian site I seem to be mistaken. Maybe the guide on the Debian site can help you get your headphones connected -

where do i type hciconfig -a … i tried in terminal and got a load of gobbleydegook back…
could not be found etc

Do you know if there’s some kind of beginners course using linux pureos anywhere?
I think I really need it

There likely isn’t one specifically for PureOS as it’s a relatively new distro, but if you search for a general Debian + Gnome 3 tutorial you’ll probably find some resources.

cool thanks… there’s so much I can’t do on this thing… can’t connect airpods … i’ve tried to connect ledger live which is a crypto wallet…downloaded the linux version… nope nothing straightforward

This is more or less fine when you have a totally new system with a new interface. You have a lot to learn, but your knowledge will probably be relevant for a very long time, since GNU/Linux generally does not force a new user interface to the users as much as Apple and Microsoft systems do.

Concerning Airpods, they require Bluetooth to function. PureOS is a distribution which does not allow any programs without a source code and freedoms of free software. Technically, Librem 15 has Bluetooth hardware, but a driver for it is non-free, so it does not function. If you do not care too much about it, you can find a non-free firmware, install it and Bluetooth should work.

Tell us more what you tried and perhaps give a link to the software and we can try to help you. For a good documentation for beginners, you can check here: and here:

I had the same issue when I took delivery a few months ago, but the info at this thread allowed me to connect Bluetooth headphones within a few minutes. It just takes some nerve to type in terminal commands again (I was 20+ years out of practice…).

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The link of jvoros should provide everything. The general idea is that with PureOS out of the box you don’t have the necessary closed-source bluetooth-drivers available. Adding them adds closed-source firmware to your otherwise opensource software ran by the laptop. On the other hand afterwards you’ve got stable and smooth running bluetooth (i regularly connect my smartphone for picture-transfer without problems to my bluetooth-enabled librem13).