How to clarify that I want a refund through shipping email

After 4 years, I finally got my shipping email. I’ve sent two emails to purism (about two years back now) asking what I needed to do to get a refund, both of those have not been answered.
Now however, they ask me to verify if my shipping address is still valid (it is not, i changed this years ago in my account). All well and good that they want to check my shipping address, but I don’t want them to ship. I want my money back. How can I make it clear that I want a refund?

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I’d start by mentioning it in the email response.

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That sounds like a good start. I’m wondering though if there’s other people that have gone through a similar procedure and maybe know of the “right” way to request a refund :slight_smile: I’m definitely going to mention it in the response. Thanks!

If you search “refund” on the forum, you can find people that have made the claim that they have don’t this then not received a timely refund. I make no statement to the veracity of these claims as I can’t know one way or the other if true, merely that the claims are made.

The consensus appears to be it is more expedient to take the phone then try to sell it on eBay or similar as compared to requesting a refund. Another claim I’m neither supporting nor opposing, just observing.

Take advantage of the search feature and draw your own conclusions.

I have requested a refund two years ago, it was denied, and mentioned that I would only get one “when my place in the shipping queue was reached”. I have my opinions on that, but they are irrelevant. Now however, it seems that my place in said queue is reached. According to purism, this is about the time where they should give the refund. I can’t find mentions from people that actually requested the refund when their place in the queue was reached so far.
I doubt purism as a company would just outright deny refund requests completely? that’s illegal.

Request made, spot in queue met, refund not processed at that time. Seems to check all the boxes mentioned.
Also: Take the phone or ask for a refund? (though this one doesn’t have an update on whether or not they got the refund just the exact situation you’re in of place in queue met then refund requested)

Reasonably confident I’ve seen others in my time on here but these are the ones I found quickly.

From what I’ve seen they’ve not denied them, just allegedly delayed them further. This is where the take the phone and resell it advice has come from in the past. The logic being it’s more expedient not that you’ll never get a refund, just that it’s faster to take the phone and sell it.

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Mentioned it in the reply mail, got a response the same day, indicating that I’ll get another mail asking for the specific bank account to which the refund needs to go. It sounds like I’ll get that refund, but not sure yet :o anyways thanks for the suggestions!


Thank you for shorten the Que. So I’ll get my phone, one phone sooner ;D


Not to mention that you might make a profit by selling it. :slight_smile:

It makes a difference what country you are in.

My take would be that too many years have elapsed for Purism to reverse the original credit card charge, so maybe it will be done by transferring funds to your account. Domestically (i.e. within the US) perhaps that is fast and efficient (I don’t know - I have heard arch comments made about the sanity of the US banking system) but if the payment is going to a foreign account (i.e. outside the US) it will be slow and costly. However this is just speculation on my part.

Let us know how you get on.

I’m really not interested in making a profit, but thanks for the suggestion. Purism already responded to my email by mentioning that I will receive an email where i can confirm my bank account number. My issue is more with Purism now than with the phone, otherwise I would have just confirmed my address and received the phone. I’ll definitely send an update once the refund arrives though :slight_smile:


Good luck with your refund. I am still waiting on mine for over 4 months for an unshipped librem 14. There are many people on the forum that have had a terrible experience with getting a refund from Purism.

Purism appears to have an issue with money/solvency and so they need to sell items before they have enough money to issue refunds.

Good luck and please keep us updated :slight_smile:

FWIW at least one of the forum moderators takes issue with claims like this that lack supporting evidence, I’d modify this to say “Purism appears to have …”

Not a requirement from me of course, and not taking sides, just trying to head off an issue I’ve seen come up many times :slightly_smiling_face:


@OpojOJirYAlG fair enough modified as suggested :slight_smile:

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It’s been over a month ago that i got my address verification email. Some people that ordered in June have now received their phone(indicating “my place in the queue” has been reached). No update on a refund yet, nor have i received a question about the bank account used.

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Contacted purism, I have been told to wait longer until someone contacts me. No additional mentions of placements in the queue, no estimate on when I would be contacted. My request for a refund was now 7 weeks ago.

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We are now may 30th, I now consider myself to be duped. Purism refuses to refund me regardless of previous promises. I’m again back to no communication, no refund, and no phone. In case people are looking for people who have been denied a refund: I’m one. It’s true.
I now believe purism to purposefully lie to their customers about refunds. This will probably be my last message here, and I will take legal action in the same way others on this forum have.