How to fix my Librem 5? Support won't answer me

My screen suddenly won’t turn on. The green light is shining but nothing else happens. I’ve tried all the suggestions about reseating battery etc. and had some dialogue with Purism.
But after a while they stopped answering me. Now I’m sitting here with a heavy brick I waited 3 years for.

This official guide should help: Librem 5 Evergreen Help. As well, this current thought/idea of mine should work to get constant red LED light on:

Leave your Librem 5 for several hours (or overnight) like this and while still connected with your laptop or PC with USB-A to USB-C cable press once (or even twice) power button for a few seconds (not sure now if 18 seconds needed) to check if current battery already able to get your phone on. This prolonged charging of your Librem 5 battery, with around 0.5A, should initiate your completely drained mobile phone battery (all the way to zero, while phone turned automatically off at 2%, left alone for X days) to start charging normally (when connected to its original external power supply, up to 1.5A). Go back to the above official steps if needed.

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If Tux is broked will not turn ON the monitor so just reburning Purism-PureOS.

Maybe you can help here. I’m trying to reflash, and I get
ERROR:root:Cannot load Jenkins Try running: sudo apt install python3-jenkins

Of course Jenkins is installed and started.

I’m using an Arch-based distro.

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Can’t you just do this on a Debian-family distro? Live boot or worst cast install on a flash drive / portable drive?

Evidently, the script has environmental assumptions or dependencies that are not working out under Arch. (I would also have concerns about other similar scripts and software to run on the host that may help in general with the original issue.)

If you have a multimeter then I would start by just checking the battery. Is it completely flat? Nearly flat? Fine?

@irvinewade recommendation looks quite good to me, therefore please avoid (to get the job easier done, and while I’m not really familiar with your current permanent installation) … and use Live environment … install needed/required add on packages on top of either PureOS Live install image from 20220502, that is booted from some 4GB or 8GB+ stable USB Flash Drive or (perhaps) on top of upcoming original Debian Bookworm flavor install image, linked here unofficial one just if your hardware needs some non-free firmware (use only if really needed). Link to Debian official weekly-build is here. I didn’t test such method personally, but still think it might be adequate (easy approach for the purpose of …, as you requested).