How to install fractal next

I’m trying to install and use fractal next using instructions at:

Opening fractal however presents with:
“Secrete Service Error. Failed to restore previous session”

What can I do to get Fractal working?

By following (your turn, as first step): “*Install Flatpak and Flathub, following the standard instructions*”. Please let me know if this worked for you.

nope same.
WARN fractal::window: Failed to restore previous sessions: Libsecret(Error { domain: g-io-error-quark, code: 0, message: "user interaction failed" })

I guess, how to install clean (get rid of previous session) ?

Merilyn wrote quality how to: And, not to suggest something I have no time to try but: Another alternative is the Snappy system developed by Canonical which might be easily offering more up to date application (who knows) you are about to reinstall.

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it was missing / not working gnome-keyring.
Installed seahorse and created new key for login
That got fractal working.

[Not sure if it will keep login entry over reboot, but I can recreate if it doesn’t]


i’m having continued issues. can you explain in more detail what you did in seahorse? is login a keyring, or if not what type of key is it and what is it in, and what sort of key info should i set to get fractal working?

are you using latest pureOS ? I think we don’t need seahorse anymore

Yes. I can’t tell you anything about installing fractal though.

I had the same issue on latest PureOS even though gnome-keyring was installed by default.

What I did to make it work is :

  • Install Seahorse
  • In Seahorse, click “+” → “Password keyring”
  • Call the new keyring “login”
  • Give it a password.

Fractal should work now.

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I have been using Fractal 5 for a week on my Librem 5 and I have to say it is pretty good! It is now quite full featured and the speed and stability have been there for me so far!

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