How to report a bug in PureOS?

Hello dear community :slightly_smiling_face:

My question is very simple: where can users report a bug that they encountered on PureOS?

I spent 30 mins searching before reluctantly creating this thread. :frowning_face:

  1. Going to PureOS’ official website and clicking on Bug Tracker.
  2. Realising after some time that it’s possible to consult bug reports but not participate / create a bug report.
  3. Searching on PureOS’ wiki and not finding any mention of bug reports either.
  4. Coming on this forum to explain my frustration on something that is generally well indicated :frowning_face:


If users cannot create new accounts to report bugs, I respect that but it should be clearly stated either on the PureOS website or on the Bug Tracker website instead of leaving the users confused.


I agree this is unclear. Perhaps @guido.gunther or @joao.azevedo could help with this.

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@prsunflower The reason why registrations for the bug tracker is closed is due several issues we had with spam accounts.

Please DM me your email address.

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Thank you for your reply Joao :slight_smile:

Would you consider implementing my “Suggestions” above?

I have contacted you. Many thanks :v:

I think it is more complicated than that. It is “closed but not closed”. The antecedent “If users cannot create new accounts to report bugs” is not necessarily true. It’s just that it is now harder to get an account than it used to be - and if the reason that it is now harder is because of malicious parties, you don’t necessarily want to make it either easy or obvious to those malicious parties.

So in this case the score may be: malicious parties 1, all the rest of us 0. :frowning:

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How do we create an account in ? I am not using LDAP protocol and just want to report a bug I found in the hardware

I think you want the “Standard” login option, not the LDAP login option, but you should contact support ( because, as I understand it, requests for accounts have to be approved manually anyway.

Also, if this is a bug in the hardware, that particular mechanism for reporting may not be the right one.

What hardware (i.e. what model) are we talking about?

i want to file a bug for Librem5/PureOS, in particular for Bluetooth stuttering.
pls see: Bluetooth stuttering

How DM works to get a account?