How to select a Bluetooth 5.0 dongle?

I’ve been gifted a Bluetooth 5.0 headset, presumably they know I like a challenge, so I’m looking at options for my Librem 15v3 (and Librem 14 when I upgrade).

Librem machines don’t support Bluetooth directly but do support dongles. There’s even an RYF-certified Bluetooth 4.0 dongle.

But I’m looking for Bluetooth 5.0. My initial search suggests support on GNU/Linux isn’t great (yet), could require kernel patches (not gonna happen) and, surprisingly, drivers. I thought the whole point of a dongle was that you didn’t need additional drivers?

Has anyone got a Bluetooth 5.0 dongle working on their Librem, or any GNUish machine?

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@david.libremone if openness is your main buy reason you might want to by an USB BL 5.x dongle with an Nordic NRF52xxx for example the NRF52840 Dongle since you can use Zepyhr and write the application your self or adapt on of the many Zepyhr examples.
And yes I’m well aware that that’s quite a big board and got no case.
Maybe it could even be the base of an Librem BL Dongle if the Board design is downsized.
I’ve had that demo working on a linux laptop as an USB HCI adapter.