Seems cool, but the lack of company info or info on the product have me weary.

I’m pretty sure Purism would be happy if it is all genuine. Got to say I believe Purism’s attempt at a desktop would probably be more appealing given their experience, etc.

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Hey!! This is appealing. Hmm? I see what you mean.

They claim to have written a blob free bluetooth firmware. That could be useful.

SSomething like this but open for real, with a libre arm, power9 or risc-v will be a big deal, but that’s just another closed system with coreboot, i appreciate this product but is not enough.
What’s the point to have an open OS with an half open bios (corebot is not librebot) and a completly closed cpu who can do anything he want? Including running hidden instruction who will destroy all the effort to libre the system?

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Well, if you look hard enough and dare to click two buttons, you’ll even find an address and a team info.
So, these are 5 people located in Portugal. And they seem to have created the Librebox, which is almost exactly the Pure Box I recently envisioned for Purism to release.

And in that same thread @todd-weaver promised a big announcement for December. Wouldn’t it be awesome if they joined forces? That would complement the product line quite well and also give us the promised reseller in the EU…

me dreaming: Things could be so nice :wink:

@eagle you can only free one component after the other. That’s how Purism tackles it, which is much better than just watching our freedoms going away.

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I think we have more options right now, completly free alternative are available, in my opinion it worth to invest on this new tech than supporting closed tech.
As i already wrote somewhere power9 is there and completly open just need some more love from software like firefox and something else, but is viable and work, debian, fedora, suse, ubuntu support it.
There is just one vendor who make power architecture atm, but everyone else could do it, and i hope purism will do, or if they found a better arm alternative is welcome too

My thoughts as well. I want to trust them, and I like the design. I just need a bit more info to gain my trust.


Let me also say that there not being specific information on the cpu (ie: is it mobile or desktop class), the specific RAM, and hdd and sdd options being sold is a huge turn off.

Getting laptop components in a desktop format is a no-go for me, and a HUGE waste of money.

Here is a video:

I’ve asked Libretrend if they’re planning to contact Purism to get something working together, it would be a perfect match in my opinion! :slight_smile:

They posted the specs, and I went ahead and bought one. So far very happy with it. They are still working on the EC driver to get better control of the CPU fan, which currently just spins at full speed all the time.

It is a mobile CPU, but can handle 32gb of RAM, and is relatively low power, and for me at least, seems to work handling server duties.

How do you know, that they’re working on the driver? There’s no forum, they’re not answering to tweets or mails…

Email correspondence with the company.