I donated early at the start of the kickstarter--it's been three years since backing and still no phone

Interesting. I didn’t realize that anyone who ordered in October 2017 had already gotten Evergreen. I wonder if people in different regions are getting Evergreen earlier than others.

@admsjas, can I ask what part of the world you are in? We should ask @purismforum where he is located as well.

So far, I can recall, just off the top of my head, evidence of deliveries to U.S., Canada, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, U.K., Australia or New Zealand, and several unknowns (apparent North American and foreign destinations).

My order date is 23rd Oct, 2017 and am still waiting for the modem confirmation email. It looks like a lottery system approach, picking customers at random.


Most of the people who have received theirs were early backers.

There was someone in Matrix, from 2018 I believe, who reported getting theirs. I think the reponse from Purism was something like “If we gave you yours early, it was a mistake. You are lucky. Our plan is to deliver the orders by order date”.

That was a couple of weeks ago.

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I think you skipped the “I selected chestnut” part :upside_down_face:

That’s really irrelevant. I selected aspen then birch then chestnut and told I was evergreen later.


Central Indiana in the heart of the Midwest

He received an Evergreen in Jan. 2020? How is that even possible?

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I believe he received a chestnut but the whole point is purism isn’t doing a good job of managing the que process


Australia. I only mentioned NZ because they will have the same problem with the mains plug adapter.


I don’t believe it’s legal for them to apply 2019 refund policy changes (especially those denying refunds) to 2017 backers. The original policy was no risk, the new policy is an indefinite non-return; especially since the only reason for a refund request is due to indefinite non-delivery. I consulted a lawyer on this and am basing my opinion off of her assessment. Although, she mentioned that for online orders out of state, the only way to have someone advocate for your refund is to reach out to your attorney general.

Also, I don’t think Puri.sm puts original backers in “pre-order” status; maybe that’s for orders post campaign? I’m currently in an indefinite “awaiting shipment” status, and I’ve read that others have received their refunds without issue, and so I trust this wouldn’t be an issue.

Granted, I would prefer to get a phone rather than a refund… hopefully, the latest announcement is for real this time :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Hopefully crowd-funders will get an email by the end of January containing a forecast delivery date, which will then give some guidance for people who pre-ordered.


Final update: unfortunately, I didn’t get my phone–shipping was estimated for the final quarter (March). I don’t think that is an unreasonable amount of time for backers who want to wait, but I think I mentioned earlier that my old phone was broken and I needed a new phone asap. I did not want to buy a phone just to throw it away and I don’t need multiple phones. I just got my refund from Purism.

The good news is that hopefully someone will be getting a phone earlier now that another schedued slot is available : ) Enjoy your new phones! And thanks to everyone who helped me navigate through this process as well as all the salty Purism stans who kept the thread lively. I used to be that way about Gentoo and KDE in the early 2000s so I get it :smirk:


Their queue managment is a joke. I asked for a refund months ago and still nothing. I am really tired of this company, personally, i don’t think i’ll ever come back to their products.
This was supposed to be mass produced…


… and have sent emails out to all pending orders with order dates up to October 20, 2017 with the very last of those orders estimated to be shipped in May

HOLY MOLY! MAY for 2017 orders!? This is nuts. I ordered it jan 2019, i will wait FOREVER for a damn REFUND. I can’t believe it.


Don’t feel too bad, I paid with bitcoins and I have no phone still and lost thousands in bitcoins gains.

It doesn’t matter if you bought it with bitcoin or fiat, you still spent the same amount on the phone at the time of purchase. If you would’ve bought it with USD you could’ve kept your bitcoins, but if you bought it with bitcoins you would still have more USD to buy more bitcoins with.

Your argument only stands if you requested a refund with the intention to buy more bitcoins and never got a refund.

I often see people complaining that “they lost potential bitcoin gains” but I never hear people complain about losing potential stock gains (where there are pretty popular stocks which have increased a lot more in value the past 3 years than bitcoin).

Seeig posts like this just makes me more afraid that bitcoin is a bigger pyramid scheme than I had anticipated…

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I can understand your attitude but just as an info: The initial crowdfunding campaign ended on October, 30. So the “orders” from them are nearly covered and they represent about half of all orders afaik.

So 2018 and 2019 should go a lot faster than the end of 2017. If the SoC shortage won’t bring any delays.


ordered q3 2018 … better get that tent ready and grab a few iSpy buddies while your waiting … maybe a few magic mushrooms …