[MyL5] Australia/New Zealand

I think this would be it:

Float your cursor over the icons on the far left of the screen to further investigate; that’s also where you can link to Merge Requests.

The first wiki I linked to you the other day is the community wiki, just for answering/anticipating questions for the benefit of new users.

There are also some interesting links to the far right of the community wiki, such as Cellular Providers info.

the color LED for charging should use LED colors ranging from RED to YELLOW to GREEN and everything in between (if possible) combined with the pulsing LED (from deep RED low frequency pulse for low charge battery to medium frequency pulse YELLOW for ~66% charged battery to high frequency pulse GREEN untill 99% charged battery.)

at 100% charged battery the color of the LED should be solid GREEN (non-pulsing but ON until charger is disconnected). when charger is disconnected LED is OFF or any other color in the BLUE, MAGENTA, WHITE range if there are other messages/alerts that the users hasn’t attended yet …

careful experimentation with pulsing and LED light intensity could also be observed for the visual convenience of the user.

example 1 :
there is a problem with charging ! < write this in morse code signals and translate into ON-OFF RED signaling to user … etc.

example 2 :
problem with U-Boot bootloader ! < same as above. translate into morse and use different color LED. could be MAGENTA/LILA/INDIGO/PURPLE etc. combined with lower intensity LED depending on SEVERITY !

HIGHEST SEVERITY would be a message like “you are a slave !” written all in FULL intensity RED LED and pulsing with a looped and playing at 2x speed morse code “YOU ARE A SLAVE!”

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Even cooler … I had an ssh session from my desktop to my Librem 5. Had to pop out for a while, taking my Librem 5 with me and clearly going out of WiFi range. When I returned half an hour later or so … press Enter on the desktop’s ssh session … still connected, with everything just as I left it. (I realise there are many circumstances in which this wouldn’t work but still.)


Way cool! I can imagine a future use for remotely messing with a phone thief:


@irvinewade, I would like to add your data to the Cellular Providers page. Can you tell me which country you are in? Have you tried calls and SMS? What did you have to do to enable data? Did you change any APN settings?

Yes, see above (later posts). All good.

It’s just one of the settings on the Librem 5. I don’t know why it is off by default. It seems like a relic from the past when mobile data was expensive.

Settings / Mobile / Mobile Data

I think there is an unfixed bug where turning the WiFi off turns off the modem (in software). That therefore makes it more annoying that mobile data is off by default?

Yes. It offered me a choice of 3. I really had no idea (I should have checked before taking the SIM out of the old phone LOL). I picked live.vodafone.com and it worked. Maybe one of the others would have worked too. The one I picked might not work for everyone, based on the descriptions against the different APNs.

Update: Maybe you mean: did I have to type in an APN? No, I didn’t. I know that with Optus (another Australian carrier) I always have to type in the APN that I use. I think there’s a standard Linux database of carriers worldwide with their known APNs. Mostly that does the job.

Thanks. I added your info to Cellular Providers. I also added a note about the plug adapter in the FAQ.


Later on, after higher priority things, I will test Telstra and/or Optus for the Wiki (seeing as the Telstra test was with a different modem model).

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That’s how TCP sessions were designed 50-ish years ago. They would survive temporary network outages. Later smartasses introduced firewall timeouts and keepalives (btw, funny name, keepalive which actually works like forcedead), and destroyed that functionality.

Just silly ranting :wink:


Small thing about the adapter, but it really should be supplied for the price if the phone.
Thanks for the heads up


I hope the camera and QR codes are coming soon …

Saturday night trying to get into a couple of venues, which requires scanning a QR code due to local health orders, I was telling the security guy that the camera on my phone wasn’t working. My girlfriend thought I was BSing him, trying to social engineer my way in. Sadly, no.

Yes, keepalive often serves as a “detect dead”. However once you have firewall timeouts, keepalive may really serve to “keep alive”.

One more thing (specific to this topic) … I was expecting to have to pay some kind of tax in order to import my phone (and then fees for the freight handler to deal with the government in collecting the tax). It turned out that there was no Customs Duty, no GST and no fees to the freight handler. Win!

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Today I decided to dip my toe in the water with convergence. Using a Belkin USB-C to HDMI adapter, there’s good news and bad news.

The good news is that the connected HDMI monitor was recognized, with the correct native resolution, as an external display, without any need for weird incantations etc. So the DisplayPort over USB-C seemed to go OK; and a valid background image appeared on the monitor.

The bad news is that this doesn’t seem to be ready for prime time. In no combination of display settings could I get anything useful to occur or anything to work properly. “Useful” could mean: an app being mirrored on the external monitor and being able to be driven from the phone. Sometimes (very occasionally) I could get the app to come up on the external monitor but things still didn’t work properly.

This isn’t a dock scenario. I’ll try that later.

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Can you take screenprints to show problems?

Maybe. I don’t have that installed yet and it isn’t installed out of the box. Will make a note to do that. It is covered by the Wiki.

There’s a bigger question though as to how this is /supposed to/ work and what the appropriate external display Settings are.

/Most/ of the time the external monitor was just showing the background image - so not a very exciting or informative screen shot and is the Screen Shot tool even going to work with an external monitor? One for tomorrow I think.

Hmm… to really see the problems you may need to take pic with other phone and send that - if it’s not too much effort (could be less).

OK, but how is this /supposed to/ work? Maybe my expectations are completely incorrect.

Let’s say that the phone is in portrait mode i.e. 720x1440. I connect an external monitor 1920x1080 (landscape mode). I attempt to choose to mirror the displays.

Does that even work? Do I have to set the phone to landscape mode first? Some apps are not very happy in landscape mode. Can I set the external monitor to portrait mode? (neither ‘left’ nor ‘right’ appeared to do anything)

What is the expected output on the external monitor? The best effort scaled mirror image? The same app but operating differently on each display i.e. adapting independently?

If not trying to do mirroring, how do I control which display an app displays on? can I move an app from one display to the other?

I think that, for now, the convergence only adds a second monitor to L5, so no mirroring. You can drag apps from L5 to the second monitor. See the video after he connects the hub:

The video example is the only thing I can go by and it seemed to automatically extend the desktop with the monitor’s native resolution area.

I’m not sure if I’m missing one video that would show it better.