I donated early at the start of the kickstarter--it's been three years since backing and still no phone

To everyone who said it’s important to reach out to Purism I contacted Purism directly several times before posting here. Every quarter since January 2019, I’ve been given false promises and excuses. After the email saying that I’d be receiving the product soon and “emails would be going out” I did not hear from them again except for:

  • requests for money to vote for an app?
  • requests for money to upgrade my phone
  • requests for money for other products

I don’t know Purism as a company, so corresponding with them has made me skeptical of their legitimacy. For some reason when they offered to send different versions of their phones, I never got that email either and so ended up on the Evergreen list. Recently, I was told by the Purism team that I’m getting my phone in January, however, I never got an email requesting my latest address. This is the last date I’m OK with pushing to, if my phone isn’t in my hands by January 31, I’m requesting a refund.

The reason for posting here is to find out what is happening in the community. To find out if others felt comfortable with going into the new year without a phone, to find out how many backers already got their phones, and if to find out if there was another avenue for comms to get a clear timeline response from Purism.

For those who feel this is a waste of their time, then this post is not for you, yeah? It’s probably more wasteful replying to this post rather than just ignoring it–as you’ll never get that typing/reading time back.

To those who have taken the time to reply and provide insight, your posts are appreciated.


Maybe, but also take into account I wasn’t replying (talking) to you.

By waste of time, I mean, your time, not mine. If your goal is to get your money back, foaming about here on the forum isn’t going to lead to that.

Instead trying to talk to Purism, regardless of the results, is your only real course of action.

You can accept that for the truth, or pretend it isn’t and keep floundering here on the forums.

That said, I’m not NOT sympathetic to your situation, but no matter how I feel about it, what I write here, wont do ANYTHING for you getting what you want. That is the point.

Mmm… salty!

I backed in 30 Oct 2017, and I got all the required emails and I did answer to them.

  1. they asked me which batch I wanted to be in on 18 Sept 2019
  2. I selected chestnut
  3. 17 Dec 2019 they asked which modem and address validation
  4. I received the phone early in Jan 2020.

If you backed Sep 2017, you might have missed Puri.sm emails?

That’s good news and what I was hoping to hear. I’ll follow up at the end of the month as to the outcome. It should be noted, I’m still waiting on the email that I was told would be going out, which makes me wonder how the logistics are going to work out getting my phone shipped this month. Nevertheless, hearing that others are getting their phones is good news and allays some doubts.

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I never got the email for the batch request. I contacted them and asked about it and they told me I was slated for Evergreen. I still haven’t been contacted about the modem and address validation, but I was contacted in the summer letting me know I would be contacted :-/

My latest correspondence is as follows:


If you backed original campaign, your order should be shipped in January. We will send another round of pre-shipping emails starting next week.

Kind regards,


Have a look here: Estimate your Librem 5 shipping
While early-September backers have already got their phones, late-September backers have not.
This likely means that your mail is imminent, but we can’t say whether it takes one or four more weeks.
(Note in that post, that the number within mid-to-end-September increases from 555 to 1266 backers, meaning that to fulfill all September orders, they’ll have to ship about as many as they already shipped since November)

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And you are sure no Purism mails ended up in your spam box?

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I personally would like an answer from purism (if this info is indeed correct) why backers who ordered AFTER some people are getting their orders filled BEFORE those individuals. The date i have on hand is 29 September for backing the project, why is someone who backed after I did getting his product before me???

And this is not the first instance I’ve heard of

You mean because @purismforum got his Chestnut a year ago, or am I misunderstanding? :thinking:

The latter. At least one backer - ehem - from 2017-08-24 received the modem selection email back in mid November but is still patiently waiting. It’s possible that an add-on (an SD card & an AweSIM) is out of stock & holding up this particular shipment. Still, I don’t recall ever seeing a promise that phones would be shipped in strict order of backing.

I can see, with the substantial delays, it may have shaken your confidence but real customers (e.g. me) are receiving their phones. Hang in there!


Sure, because it wouldn’t make sense to delay others if something prevents shipping (out of stock addon, requested delay until software is mature, missing email response…). And then there’s human error. Would be surprised if they would not mix up / overlook some.


I lost a bit track in this thread. How I understand Purism’s prioritirization is this:

They asked people in which batch they would liked to be in. Some of them chose to get the device earlier and others chose to wait a bit longer. This changes the original order (sorting, ranking) of orders. Even if they moved customers from one problematic batch to the following, Purism can keep the changed order of orders and deliver first to those who chose an earlier batch but have been moved involuntarily and to the others later as these have chosen to wait.

Can anybody confirm this?
Do you think this is fair?

I think so, because every customer had the choice. Theoreticaly. If someone did not get a certain email I encourage to investigate that. They are mail boxes which automatically delete emails from the spam directory after 30 days. Of course there could also have been a problem at Purism with that email, which would raise the question of how many people were affected. This is only speculation. If I would be sure I really never got that mail I would contact Purism and ask if they can verify that this email was sent. If not maybe they can act oblingingly and prioritize my order.


I backed 10 days before you, but I haven’t heard anything since 13 Nov 2019 confirming that I was in batch Evergreen. It doesn’t look like these attempts to second-guess shipping order and times are going to do much for anyone who is feeling frustrated. I don’t care too much about a month or two either way, but I hope that Purism has the info soon to produce a plausible shipping schedule.


I also guess that only a minority of people chose pre-evergreen batches. If this is true than the changed order should only a minority of orders pull out from behind. After that Purism probably proceeds with the original order.

That’s just what I think. I am in no way an insider.

It should go without saying, but all who think they didn’t get the modem selection email at the proper time should check in their Purism account and see what email address Purism has on file and that it’s correctly written. Do you have multiple email addresses, or have you changed providers in the last 3 years? Even if you’ve been corresponding with Purism using a certain email address lately, it doesn’t mean they updated your shipping information to reflect that new contact address.

Just saying, eliminate the obvious first.


I only have one email for correspondence. I’ve only not gotten 2 emails from them. The email selecting which batch I wanted, and the recent email asking about modem selection. However, they said they are sending out another round of emails and phones this month so they might not have sent the latter. That said, could you tell me more about the purism account? I don’t recall creating an account, but if that was required, then I would definitely like to log in and review my account. I can update my address from there as well. Thanks for mentioning that!

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It’s under the Store (Edit: Shop, I mean.):
If I recall, we had to create an account when pledging/ordering during the crowdfunding campaign. There’s a link for password recovery, too.

Edit: By the way, I updated my address there some time prior to receiving the shipping notification, but on that notification they still asked me to confirm my old address, so be aware that it might still be wrong when they contact you for shipment. Easy to correct it with your reply to them, though.

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It’s weird if they haven’t answered you via email, because when I cancelled my order I got a full refund in no time, no question asked only a couple of courtesy email, they have been really helpful and communicative… I have to say only good things about the Purism support in my case.

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