I got a refund!

Got a reply from my states atty. and amazingly I got an e-mail from purism asking about my credit card being expired (from my order is 2018) and wanted to see if it was with the same bank so they could refund me. I will post here when I get the full refund as promised when I ordered. PM me for info on how I did it.


Just want to know: you had a really good reason (not just because you were impatient)? I don’t want to know which reasons. But if so, my hypothesis (never spoke public about) was right. I don’t want refund, but it’s always good to know.

People who refund were never really into the product.


That’s may thought a way to simple. People also could get into financial troubles and just choose the best options to solve there problems. If it would prevent me from loosing my home, I also would ask for a refund. :wink:


Had never a religious fervor into the product, you might say.

Refunded!!! My States Atty appears to have let them know the policy on refunds change after the fact would not fly. I was sucked into the lie about the monitor that appeared on their web site. The way it was presented was the monitor would be “different” to allow the phone display to work. I purchased the combo. for $1699.00. I went along until it was very clear any monitor would work. The $1000.00 monitor showed me they wanted to strip the customers of as much money as they could. When they changed their refund policy after the fact confirmed their dishonesty. I think the external monitor still not supported yet. When and if they ever get a functional phone in stock and ready to ship I might consider buying one. GL


But that isn’t correct. There are several videos which show it’s working e.g. on puri.sm/posts, in the librem 5 image thread in this forum and on social.librem.one

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Also while a grand for a monitor is certainly not competitive, the mark up on peripheral is usually high, and in this case probably used to cover R&D expenditures. Normally it is not so exorbitant, but I wouldn’t call it straight up deceitful or anything. It was probably something you should have done a little more research on. But I do not fault you for not. Such is life.

I’m glad your refund worked out!

some hundred dollar want to stop you from selling your home? Wow, I’m amazed.

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@drxray. I’m glad you got your refund. Though I am not asking for a refund for my L5, am hoping that with the money Purism’s getting from investors they actually pay you all back, so the problem goes away. The gripes of unsatisfied customers are a cheap thing to buy off in my opinion. I think to those with more perspective on the industry, it’s fairly clear that Purism isn’t running a scam, but is instead cash-strapped.

Edit: am I seeing things or has the investment page jumped like $5 million in the last 24 hours? Hopefully, a lot of refunds will be occurring soon!


To me, videos that are used to promote a product often include some fiction. Now I’m confused if it does or does not work with external monitors.


Or just can’t acquire the needed components right now.

You wouldn’t say so if your rent for your apartment would cost 2-3 times less then L5. I also have friends in other countries like russia, where people could pay rent for 5-8 month…

For you this amount of money is may nothing, but for other backers and buyers it could be a high investment.

And you also forget the situation, when refund of L5 would be just one of multiple sources to get some money back. Who said that only one refund saves from getting homeless? I just hoped to open your mind for people who can be in situations where you may never will be…

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Two weeks ago I made a complete game jam game on my phone connected to a 1080p screen, keyboard and mouse. With a small fan nearby it didn’t even thermal throttle when compiling :wink:

So, to clear any confusion, it works and has worked for many months now - IIRC the first time it worked for me was almost exactly a year ago (and when it doesn’t work, usually it’s a matter of changing the USB-C adapter/hub as some can be capricious).


This forum is not for making fun of others. Please don’t do that.


no front but please use darkmode when coding. It makes the whole work more bearable if you have a lenghty session :slight_smile:

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You know what they say about opinions being passed off as fact right? :wink:

Thank you for most of the replies. Some replies were just trolls that lurk here all the time. Glad to hear the ext monitor is working with some hardware adapters. I have been asking for a refund longer than that has been working. Also the problems with VoLTE is still in question. The monitor cost retail about $200.00 dollars and their price is 5X that. I call that a ripoff plain and simple. Phone replacement due to technical advances is about 4 years and this phone would have been ready to replace before it was shipped. 5G is not even on the map. To 5G is hype anyway but if I lived in a big city it might be nice.

It’s funny cause I often use dark mode in a lot of applications and websites, but somehow it doesn’t seem right in a text editor to me. :smiley: