Estimate your Librem 5 refund 💸

Based on the same concept as Estimate your Librem 5 shipping topic, we are trying here to track the progress of refunds made for Librem 5 orders (only regular and not USA variant).

NNNdays - how long it took til refunded
AG - the customer filed a complained to a State Attorney General
FTC - the customer filed a complained to Federal Trade Commision
DmL - the customer sent Purism a Demand Letter
last - last time the refund was requested. Not very useful as we are looking for the first time it happened.

*Sorted by Requested date:

Order Date *Rf. Requested Refunded Note
2018-12-18 2020-01-31 2020-02-10 10 days, before policy change
2017-09-? 2020-02? 2021-03-18 ~397 days
2019-01-31 2020-03-16
2018-12-26 2021-01-01? 2021-08-25 ~236 days, AG, L5 + monitor
2019-01-09 2021-09-28 2022-01-30 124 days, AG, DmL
2018-09-04 2021-12-08 AG, FTC
2019-11-17 2021-12-09 last
2017-10-05 2021-12-14
2019-09-13 2022-02-09 last

Write a comment with your refund situation and we’ll add it to the table.

Order date: 2017-10-7
Rf. Requested: never
Refunded: n.a.
Note: delivered

My refund request was refused.


I have posted my dates and 10 people liked the post, but you dont add it to your table, why? :slight_smile:


Probably because it’s off topic for this thread.


Because you’re a smartarse posting something amongst a lot of people who have expressed anxiety over their purchase. You’re being disingenuous.


Havent’t been around for months here. Reason is my refund. Therefore just adding briefly the according information.
Ordered: 2019-01-09
Asked for refund: 2021-09-28
Refunded: 2021-11-??
Money received: 2022-01-30

Btw. I am wondering why you have to estimate the point in time you will get refunded.
I followed the refund instructions as seen here in this forum (Letter of Deman + consumer compliant to the attention of the Office of the Attorney General, California), and after some back and forth I got my money.


By ‘Refunded’ I mean the date when they sent you back the money. Did that happened on last November or …? why did you received it so late?

Now if only it were reciprocal i.e. no other threads hijacked by people whining about this and that (such as refunds, delays, …).


Ordered my Librem 5 phone in September 2019. Below are the details:


Order Number: # Purism_539314285
Order Date: September 13, 2019
Order Status: Awaiting Shipment

Order details

Product Total
Librem 5 × 1 $699.00
Subtotal: $699.00
Tax: $0.00
Payment method: Credit Card (Stripe)
Total: $699.00
Estimated Shipping Date: Librem 5 - To be determined based on CPU availability. Please check back later.
Note: Would prefer getting a Librem 5 from the FIR batch.

Have contacted Purism support (just did it again on 2/9/2022) about receiving a refund and they seemed to make up a rule that the product must be in an order queue. Previously, Purism promised to issue refunds to those who ordered Librem 5 phones. Keep in mind, they have my money but I HAVE NO PHONE!!!


Exactly! This was the idea of my posting to show that such postings does not belong into certain threads or not even in this forum at all and should be handled between the person and the company Purism.

From now I will set this pointless thread for me to muted. Good luck.

order : 2017-10-05
refund requested : 2021-12-14
refund accepted : 2021-12-15
wait for…


order: 2019-11-17
refund requested: repeatedly, most recently 2021-12-09
refund rejected (was told they were unable to pay, was offered vouchers towards the purchase of their other products). Will complain to the AG when I eventually find the time to do so, but currently have bigger fish to fry.


Also @john.jay.moore:

I’m going to change the table and sort it by Refund Requested On field, so it matters to have the first date (and not the last) when you requested it. Also I will count the days that passed until someone received the refund (for those who have).

Order date 31/01, 2019
Refund accepted 16/03, 2020
Still waiting for refund


The table is now sorted by the refund Requested date. Also, more info is compiled in the Note field.

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Backed the librem 5 in 2017. Received an email that device could be shipped in the end of 2021 and asked for a refund then. Was told it would take a few weeks and then did not received a refund. Asked for the refund again and was told it would be refuned in the first week of april. Still not received a refund and now they refuse to give a date.

Other thread on refunds here: 9 Months later and Purism still has my money

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Which means (to me) that you could have sold it (six months ago) here to some Forum member or even through some other public network.

It is up to your initiative on how to deal with it, here is link to the one of several threads showing another approach on how to get your money back:

That doesn’t necessarily follow. Could be shipped does not mean it would be shipped – it may only have been a shipping estimate.

Also, customers shouldn’t have to fall back on the market for used goods to get something approximating a refund.