I got my mail asking for confirmations of

No, I didn’t received my mail yet. But, what about the idea that people who got the mail could post here their date of backing the project? So others could make an estimation where we are in the queue. What do you think?



There are already threads for that:


I know, but this is not what I meant (such posts about additional items, dollars, etc.). What I meant is just a single line post:

Got my mail today, my order is from xx.xx.2017

and nothing more in that post.


I received my email. I ordered August 24, 2017. I was offered a Birch device in November, 2019, but I opted to wait for an Evergreen.


I ordered in November 2017 I was offered dogwood But opted for evergreen

What? I ordered 28th September 2017 and didn’t get offered anything…

I wouldn’t have opted for dogwood anyway, just sounds strange…

Old email address, maybe?

I ordered October 2017 but wasn’t offered a Birch device, weird.

From what I have read on this forum, you had to have ordered by 2017-08-30 to be offered Birch, Chestnut or Dogwood. If you ordered in Oct. 2017, then you are definitely in the Evergreen batch.

Correction: Based on the following posts in this thread, a person who ordered on 2017-09-11 was scheduled to get Dogwood, but another who ordered on 2017-09-18 was assigned to the Evergreen batch. I assume that 2017-09-12 was the cut-off date, because that was the day when there were 400 pre-orders for the Librem 5, which would have made sense if the goal was to have 100 preorders in each batch.


mine was ordered on 11 September 2017


Found out yesterday I’m not an “early backer”. I ordered 1-11-18 . And that I should be getting my L5 towards the end of Dec. or early Jan. From what I think I’m reading on the other post is that the camera and awaken to answer a call are not yet working. So the extra wait time will probably help to get it more daily driver friendly. I am not a developer/programmer or very Linux savvy so I’ll need all the help I can get here from you tech wizards. This forum is really helpful. I appreciate you folks.

Same here, I ordered 26th September 2017 and asked for 1. Chestnut, 2. Dogwood, 3. Evergreen. The reply was I will get Evergreen.

Still waiting for the email from Purism.