I just got my Librem 5 Evergreen shipping e-mail!

Yeeeees! I got my shipping e-mail!! I ordered mine on 01/01/2019, how time flies :smiley:
Anyway, in the e-mail I received they also asked me to fill out a questionnaire, and I have a question about it. As i don’t need additional accessories, do I have to check the “order for accessories is placed” or not? It might sound like a stupid question, but english is not my native language, or maybe I’m just overthinking it, but I believe that by checking this option I’m basically telling Purism that any needed accessory has been ordered.

I hope I explained myself :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks in advance


It sounds like a fair question for you to ask. My order was delivered so long ago (:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) that I don’t even remember the question about accessories. I would think though that you should ask Purism to clarify what they mean.

Random observation: It will be difficult (/impossible) to get a spare battery from Purism later on, so if you intend to get a spare battery from them at all, now would be the time to do it.


Just answer them that you have not ordered any accessories.

I think what they are after with that question is that they want to know if you have a separate order for accessories, because in that case they want to put all your stuff in the same box for shipping, instead of making two separate shipments.


I got my email a week or so ago, I put “NA” in that box (for “not applicable”) and there wasn’t any issue.