Initial Librem5/Nexdock360 impression

$ sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/tps6598x/0-003f/customer_use

… which per your post is not the latest. I’m waiting until Byzantine to do any system updates. (I haven’t even run any software updates since the intermittent wifi connectivity issue popped up - probably around 2 months now.)

Is the touchscreen on ND working?

When Clocks is on the ND screen, no, the touchscreen has no effect. When Clocks is on the L5 screen, touches are kind of erratic: when creating a new alarm, focus seems to jump around between the fields. In contrast, using the touchpad to move the cursor and then click works flawlessly no matter which screen is used.

Can you smoothly run fullHD videos at 60 fps?

I wouldn’t know how to test that (VLC?) and/or how to determine FPS - please specify steps.

Is there any way to connect one more screen simultaneously?

I don’t see any video outputs on the ND at , so if there is a way, it’s not drop-dead obvious.

Related to the charging, with more time spent on it, I’ve found the red LED is sometimes solid, sometimes blinking. I haven’t yet noticed a pattern as to how to get it one way or the other reliably. When left alone for a while, the L5 shuts off its screen, which breaks the connection to the ND (causing it to go to its “Ready to connect” mode for a minute before shutting down). After unlocking the L5 & hitting the ND power button, things are back to normal.

Your choice of course but, technically, updating the firmware on the PD controller is an update that is completely independent of updating the Linux software (i.e. that which occurs through the normal apt mechanism and changes files on the eMMC drive).

As you can see, I updated that firmware 4 months ago, and as it happens I have remained on amber the whole time (although I have applied all amber updates as and when they become available). So I guess I would have noticed by now if something had gone horribly wrong. I could reasonably claim that the updated PD controller firmware is OK to use with amber.

I can understand though if you want to be ultra-careful.

One could just find a PeerTube video:

Random example which I found:

AFAIK, ND is just a screen with keyboard and touchpad connected via USB-C. It doesn’t have anything to provide to a video out from. The device providing the output is the L5. Perhaps, one could connect another screen using a USB-C hub… Or maybe the ND’s USB-C port could be used as a hub?

Pretty sure that won’t work - but it would be fun if someone has a video output device with MST support to see whether the Librem 5 has MST support.

From your link:

Multi-Stream Transport is a feature first introduced in the DisplayPort 1.2 standard.

From this thread:

SoC supports DisplayPort 1.3 (up to 4K@60)

I guess there is a chance that it could work!

BTW, Purism themselves don’t know it seems: Librem 14 USB C Port Dual Monitor Capabilities.

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Potentially true, although the hardware in the Librem 5 is so different from the hardware in the Librem 14 that you couldn’t necessarily conclude that.

I would just be curious to know and I don’t have any video output devices that are capable of MST.

When I first attempted that with firefox displaying on the ND, it would play for about 3/4 second, then stop for 1, which happened for about 6 cycles until it hung the L5. After a hard L5 reboot, it worked much better, and the vid looks about the same as on my beefy laptop. (The vid was made by someone running, and occasionally goes out of focus & feels a bit jumpy.) I couldn’t get sound out of the ND speakers: in the L5 sound settings, the ND doesn’t appear as an output device.

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Hi, did you find a way to charge the L5 from the ND360? Does the phone discharges when using the device (thus limiting the use to a few hours?)

The L5 will (slowly) charge as needed from the ND. Very roughly, it looks like the ND burns somewhere around 15% of its battery reserve per hour to both 1) run its screen & 2) keep a charged L5 (using wifi) topped off. I wasn’t doing anything particularly taxing during that hour: a couple terminals ssh’ed into my main box, and firefox with a handful of static pages open in tabs. I did discover at least one ad vid had been chugging away for a while, at least until I installed ublock origin.


Great! They should ship my ND this week, it’s nice to know the L5 is usable with it, I’ll try and report back as soon as I get it.

I received it today! And it’s working well! I just plugged in the L5, powered the ND on and everything worked. The L5 battery is quite steady, /sys/class/power_supply/max170xx_battery/current_avg shows it’s discharging really slowly (the charged negotiated 5V1A). Audio is not working (but IIRC it’s not supported yet on the L5). I’m have the L5 screen off (single display on the ND).

I’ll try working with this for a few days but as of now I’m quite happy with the experience. I also got a phone call while I was plugged in the ND, and I could answer it with the mouse, talk (via the phone) and look thing up on firefox while being on the call, super cool.

Update: depending on the usage, L5 battery went down (when watching to a movie with uPlayer/livi, firefox running, modem on, wifi off, L5 display) by 10% in 4 hours, but when the use is more light it goes up a bit (2% in a few hours). On the other side, I’m not too happy with the ND battery itself, which drains really fast (when powering the L5). I could test it with the Nintendo Switch in the future to see how well it goes.


ND battery will last a lot more if you don’t charge the phone while using it, I use to use it when the phone is fully charge and keep the screen of the phone off as well, the behavior is the same with my Samsung device.

Regarding the use of the ND display only how do you manage it? I’m doing it manually but I’m trying to do it automatically using udev rules and some script to do it.

I’m using kanshi (a deamon which changes profile according on available displays) with this config (~/.config/kanshi/config)

profile nexdock {
        output DSI-1 disable
	output DP-1 enable

profile default { 
	output DSI-1 enable scale 2

which works OK when plugging in the nexdock (L5 is turned off, ND is used). But as with the default config manager, as soon as I unplug the ND, if the L5 display is off, it automatically reboots (or maybe just logs out and in again)

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I didn’t know about that daemon, I’ll give it a try.

Maybe phosh/phoc is restarting every time you unplug the ND, I think we have to do something else when plugging/unpluging it as the device needs to change the way it works from Docked to Mobile mode, this changes some values like if the windows will be maximized by default, if it will show the adaptive apps only or the OSK when typing text.

Stop right there. Backgrounds with GNOME? What kind of hackery is this! Please explain. Lol.

I haven’t gotten Variety to run properly yet to change the BGs for me.

Do you have any complaints about the touchpad? I looked into the NexDock for a while and that was the single biggest complaint I noticed.

Could be this kind: TUTORIAL: Add a Custom Background in Phosh

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I’m using it as my bluetooth mouse isn’t working atm, I’ve got to complaints:

  • The lack of middle mouse emulation using triple tap, in android it opens the app menu and here it just writes the letter q.

  • The touchpad doesn’t get disabled while typing so it can be a mess if you don’t do it carefully.

Maybe both can be fixed by software but I’ve been busy to try this.

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This can be changed with Gnome Settings now I just tried it, but there is no option to set different backgrounds per monitor.