Installing evolution-ews

Hi all,
I’m running a Proof of Concept of PureOS in VMware fusion on my Mac and testing out various tools to see if I can make the switch.

One thing I am trying to do is install Evolution Mail client with the evolution-ews plugin. Through the GUI for applications it’s listed, but not enabled and can’t select it. If I try from Bash I get "evolution-ews is not available, but is referred to by another package. ‘evolution-ews’ has no installation candidate.

Is this because I’m only hitting the Purism channels?

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From what I can see, evolution-ews is not included in the PureOS repos. I’ll see if we can’t include it. It is available in Debian if you want to pull the package down from there. It will take a couple days for us to bring in a new package into PureOS.

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I’ve created a tracker it for this;

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Thank you! No rush on my part and I’ll keep an eye out for it.

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When did that change? I had no issues installing evolution-ews with apt. Didn’t have to do anything repository wise.

There has been a recent vulnerability found in the Evolution-EWS package:

It appears it is fixed in the version they have in experimental, I’ll take a look to see if this is the case and may bring that into PureOS.

What happened to this?

On July 3rd this issue was requested to be included in Buster. It is now in the hands of the Debian Release team. If they do not include it in Buster (which PureOS will inherit) we will look into porting the fix into PureOS.


Any status update on this? evolution-ews still appears absent from Purism repos.


I haven’t seen this package in Amber indeed, but I’ve installed it from Byzantium, which is the rolling release of PureOS. As far as I can tell, Byzantium is in a beta or “release-candidate” stage and hasn’t been officially announced on PureOS website, but it is mentioned in several topics on this forum; these topics may help you make you an opinion about switching from Amber.
I’m glad I already switched to Byzantium for more recent versions of many packages, while I don’t mind daily updates, which have applied smoothly until now.


The bug was created nearly a year ago. How long will you just sit on it?

Use the byzantium repo, there is evolution Ews available :slightly_smiling_face:

I switched my repos to byzantium and did a dist-upgrade. Now my Librem 13 boot to the command line. I am not sure why that broke it. I am trying to fix now.

Check this for your current Byzantium woes.

For the future you can use apt preferences to limit what upgrades you grab from a repository so that you only install the evolution related software from Byzantium (or something else from another repo) without changing your whole system.

I install lightdm and I can get boot to the greeter. I’d like to put everything back the way it was but I am not sure how. Byzantium seems to have caused more harm than good.

I recently reinstalled PureOS again, to take advantage of my NVMe SSD for the main OS, and at the same time to go back to Amber, as I had accumulated too many issues with Byzantium.

Thats’s why I stumbled upon this issue again. What I did is adding Debian Buster Backports repository, as documented on

It worked very well for getting evolution-ews in Amber, without bringing any nuisance in the packages management.