Internal Mic Fix?

The mic works but everyone tells me it’s echoey, they hear themselves, and if I move my finger along even the back of the phone it’s very loud. Seems like it picks up everything.even minor.

I tried using the included headphones, but the mic doesn’t work. I tried using a Bluetooth headset and the mic doesn’t work. Did a forum search and found that this is in fact the case.

So next I tried to use alsamixer, but that didn’t seem to fix the issue either.

Has anyone figured out how to make the internal mic actually usable without giving the person I’m speaking with a bad experience? Is anyone currently working on fixing the internal mic sensitivity or getting an external mic to work?

Thanks everyone!


The current quality of outgoing voice call audio via the internal mic(s) is quite poor. I have given up on calls for the moment as most conversations would have the other end asking if I could “repeat that” multiple times.

The internal mics do seem to pick up everything, they should have echo cancellation running on them (unless it’s been disabled in recent updates?) which would prevent or at least greatly reduce the possibility of the other end hearing themselves, has anyone given you any indication as to what sort of delay is on the echo, milliseconds, seconds?

Wired headsets with mics do sound significantly better (although I’d guess that also depends on the quality of the headset) but enabling/disabling them at the moment is a little cumbersome (see bug for method) and not well suited to everyday use.

This bug already fixed.
You are on Byzantium or Amber?
You can custom the Mic under alsa ucm voicecall.conf.

Which bug is “This bug”?

The bug I linked to is currently showing as “Open”, the OP mentions echoey calls and external mics (both wired and Bluetooth) not working.

I say the bug for ’ echo cancellation ’ @dos

According to that link, the fix doesn’t work in Evergreen/Byzantium per ‘Sebastian Krzyszkowiak’:

‘it actually worked on Dogwood/amber-phone, was just super quiet. Works fine (loud and clear) on Evergreen/amber-phone. Doesn’t work on Evergreen/byzantium.’

Is this working for you?

It worked for me the last time I tried it but that was a while ago and I couldn’t say for sure which version (Amber-phone or Byzantium) I was running at the time.

Revisiting this, I am currently definitely running Byzantium and attempting to enable an external wired headset mic, as noted in the bug report, no longer works under Byzantium.

Out of the box, there does not appear to be any discernible difference in outgoing call audio quality when comparing Amber to Byzantium.

I did however workout that the top mic can be disabled with…

sudo i2ctransfer -f -y 2 w4@0x1a 0x00 0x19 0x04 0xda

After listening to numerous audio samples, I’m no longer sure if my mind is playing tricks on me or not, but it does seem to my ears that outgoing call audio is clearer after having disabled the top mic.


Good work, nice find - keep at it!

I’m surprised they have yet to have the mic switch to the audio jack or bluetooth yet. I don’t know many people who hold a phone to their head for long.

I am really at a loss with the call audio quality. People complain about poor sound from my side most of the time, sometimes it the person at the other end can’t make out what I am saying at all. Complaints vary between “you sound very distant”, “you sound muffled or like you are sitting in a box”, “are you on a construction site?”, “your mic seems to pick up every background noise” etc. etc.

The problems appear both with and without the Librem5 headphones and I just can’t seem to find any mic setting that works consistently and reliably. I tried the alsamixer suggestion in this thread, but no consistent improvement.

Shouldn’t there be a default mic setting that just works? As it is now, I am constantly experimenting with different input levels of the mic, but can’t find what produces an acceptable outgoing call audio quality.

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