International keyboard poll

Could you do a poll on various fronts to see the interest for international keyboards? Currently not a lot of people think about voicing their opinion on the forums about this.
Me myself am interested in a Norwegian layout, which is interchangeable with Swedish and Danish layouts, a lot of potential buyers here.

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Are e-ink or LED keyboards too expensive? I need Spain layout, but I’d be also fine with a e-ink/LED keyboard that you can reconfigure to suit needs.

I need a swiss german keyboard.

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+1 to the Spanish one

+1 for a Swedish (Nordic) layout.

+1 here. For Spanish

Have you used before an e-ink keyboard?

I found an ultrabook or 2-on-1 tablet (I don’t know exactly what it was) with e-ink keyboard and I was expecting the best. But after just use for 2 minutes, I found this is not for me. You see, I use the 10 fingers from both hands to type, and do that on e-ink keyboard is a nightmare, because :
Normally to type you rest your fingers on asdf jkl; keys on a physical keyboard and then press on the sequence of letters you want to type. But you can’t rest your fingers on e-ink because it will type . Second, the e-ink refresh rate is slow, so you will never type 80 words per minute with that kind of keyboard.
Ok, I know, it is not a typewriter, but the point is the simple keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl-A (to select all) + Ctrl-C (to copy) is slow on e-ink keyboard. At least on that e-ink keyboard I used.

E-ink keyboard is fragil, not as a physical keyboard.

But a secondary e-ink Display it’s another thing, especially on a phone, will save battery and your eyes.

As this is now the third thread about keyboard layouts, let’s use this one purely as a poll.
For discussion / comments please use International keyboard talk (discussion)

I counted the voices of this and the other two threads. Current state:

German:        15
Swiss German:   2
French:         7
Spanish	:       3
Nordic:         3   (Norwegian: 1 Swedish: 2 Danish: 0)
E-Ink:          2

Please only add your desired layout, optionally with size or e-ink preference, e.g.

  • +1 for German (Librem 13)
  • +1 for French (Librem 15) - e-ink is also cool
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+1 here for swiss german

+1 for Swedish keyboard.

+1 for the AZERTY one

+1 for italian keyboard.

Dvorak, on 88 key (European style enter key)

@Caliga One should be able to actually create a poll through the forums - not sure if it would be better to put it in this thread or start (another…) new thread, but with the actual poll, just to make it cleaner perhaps.

For instance, if I click on the gear icon when making a post, I see “Hide Details” and “Build Poll”.


+1 for German (Librem 13)

I’m the guy who first mentioned the e-ink keyboard. The idea that I had in mind was to have a physical keyboard where the letters are instead of printed, shown through e-ink. Either an individual one for each key, or transparent keys, so that you can see the one panel underneath (but still so that it is a mechanical one, not an e-ink one with mechanical keys on top).

If I’m not wrong with the same physical layout as with the UK keyboard, you could get most European languages, right?

Maybe too complicated? I’d love to have spanish, german and greek. Also trying to learn norwegian…

+1 for German here.

On E-Ink: That’s new technology. Which means expensive technology, and probably too expensive to consider.
The second-best would be replaceable keycaps. Easy support for all languages, and those keycaps are dirt cheap, though the keyboard might need to be slightly sturdier to withstand popping off keycaps without rupturing something.

+1 German - German or De/De

The poll is here: Keyboard layout poll

Note: the poll results are not obligatory for Purism SPC in any way.

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+1 french (Librem 13)