Is HDMI over USB-C possible on 15v3?

Hi guys.
After hopelessly trying to attach an external monitor via 4 different usb-c Hubs. I happen to see some “detail” about usb-c port which says “only data-transfer capable”. Does it mean that this port won’t drive an external monitor via displaylink etc.? Afterall HDMI is “just” data transfer, I find the description somehow vague.

Btw. usb hubs I’ve tried worked with Dell XPS 15 (on Debian Buster). So should not be a driver issue as I’m running the same OS on my Librem 15v3.


Type C port in Librem 15v3 is 3.0 port. You can’t connect display with usual USB3.1 to HDMI adapter. Alternatively, you can buy special USB3.0 to HDMI adapter. It need special drivers and may not work properly.

Also you can try to find USB3.1 extention for M.2 port, if it exist. But i definely know that M.2 to PCI-E adapters exist, and PCI-E to USB3.1 adapters exist too.


Yes, current Librem 13 and 15 laptops do not support video out on the type-C USB port, this is data only.
The HDMI port supports displays up to 4k, though only up to 30Hz at 4k, fullHD at 60hz.



thank you both for the help!

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