Is it a good idea to unstall FireFox on a pureos system?

I am impressed by pureos’s security, privacy and speed
but i don’t like the “Search with Google” popping up as soon as
i start typing a url in purebrowser’s address bar.

Having Startpage as my default search engine (installed on FireFox)
for many years but no option to use it on Purebrowser i was wondering
whether it was feasible to install FireFox on pureos and if so - is it recommended ?

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I’ll rephrase the question

Firefox + Startpage + Adblock + Noscript have been my preferred means of browsing the web for many years.

What if i install and use them on Pureos ?
Would this intolerably compromise my browsing privacy and security ?


Why not ublock origin? And instead of firefox it’s better to use torbrowser.

Hi trhv,

For what it’s worth, you should be able to use StartPage with PureBrowser, without need for the AddOn (you may have already found this link by now):

The thread includes instructions for setting security.ssl.enable_alpn to false, which I think, from reading closely, might not be entirely necessary to get StartPage set as the default search engine.

I have to admit I don’t have my Librem laptop yet, and need to give PureOS a try on another machine until the Librem arrives.

I hope the above link is of use to you.

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