Is ProtonMail blocked in Belarus? - ProtonMail Blog

a little late but i figured if some of our users live there it might be worth the shot …

this sucks !

if a finger is infected you don’t lop off the arm …

The example they cited, that if a Twitter user breaks the law, you don’t ban Twitter. Same with an email service.

I wonder if this is more of an excuse to block an encrypted email service, an attack on privacy. Either way, blocking an email service is not going to block the criminal activity.


it’s probably related to the Presidential elections taking place in the area this time of year :joy:

snoople is unblocked because it is not considered to be secure enough to warrant a government interdiction … they are in cahoots alright !

If you can get on Tor, ProtonMail has an official hidden service: https://protonirockerxow.onion

Get used to it, in the next few decades every country is going to have it’s own internet.

thanks for linking ! dark times indeed …